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Best Places To Shop For Black Friday

Black Friday is not what it used to be. So many stores offer the same ole deals year after year. How many TVs can one buy?? You can even get the same savings throughout the year. With  Cyber Monday and online shopping in general taking over stores are not getting as much traffic as before. But there a few stores that are worth taking a trip to. Don't even bother with Walmart and Target all their sales go up at 12:01am on Thanksgiving. So do your shopping online before you head to dinner with your friends and family. If you do plan to get out there on Black Friday here are the places to get the best deals.  For clothes and beauty wait until Cyber Monday you will save more. 

Electronic Stores - Best Buy is always the best for electronics and appliances. Nobody can beat their deals, hence why people camp outside the stores. Stores open on Thursday 5pm. Take a look at the full BF ad here

Department Stores - Macy's, Belk, JCPenny, and Kohls are all good places to shop at during BF.  Save the high-end department stores for Boxing Day. According to WalletHub, these stores have the largest amount of discounts during BF. They are great for home items and getting a start on your Christmas shopping. I plan on stocking up on new towels and sheets at Macy's. Take a look at the full BF ads on their website to all the great deals. 

Outlet Stores- Head to your nearest outlet mall and go wild. Discounts on top of discounts, that's my type of party. 

Come back tomorrow and we will have all the Black Friday sales posted. Click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back and coupons when you shop!

Black Friday Frugal Finds 2017

I know I'm not the only one who feels like Black Friday was just last weekend. But here we are again... making lists of household items, electronics, and clothing that we may or may not need. 

With my recent move to the West coast, I have a good three or four things that I need: a flat screen tv and a sound bar for my living room are the top two. I would also like to buy an Apple watch this year. Each year there are great deals on electronics and household items. You can always find a great deal in-store for clothing on Black Friday but I will highlight the best Black Friday Frugal Finds. Check them out below: 

Vizio 43" $198 at Walmart

RCA Sound Bar $29 at Walmart

Apple Watch Series 1 $180 at Target 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 $55

Click to see the ads for Walmart and Target

It also important that you check out your stores Black Friday map so you know where to get the items on your list beforehand if you plan on shopping in-store! Let us know what you get!! Click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back and coupons when you shop!

Tracee Ellis Ross x JcPenny Review

The Tracee Ellis Ross x JcPenny collaboration release has come and gone and I can’t lie I was left feeling a little incomplete as far as the whole line was concerned. 

Since JcPenny hadn’t released a lookbook for this line I really didn’t know what to expect I thought there would be way more pieces like maybe one or two graphic tees that could be dressed up or down. A nice touch would’ve even been a heel or flat within the line to make it come full circle. 

My honest review of the line is that the pieces were of good quality. Didn’t feel cheaply made at all. My favorite pieces would have to be the full tuxedo and the full-length striped dress. These were also pieces I purchased for my own wardrobe because I knew that I would get a lot of use out of them for sure. 

It was originally my plan to order multiple sizes online and wait for them to be delivered to my house but I really wanted to try everything thing on at once to feel the fabrics and quality before making a purchase. 

Like always I made it to the store early before the rush and was able to get a small and medium in everything to try on. To my surprise, the line runs big so I was able to fit a small in just about everything. 

The sequin dress which was everyone’s favorite didn’t look good on my body shape at all. Kind of made me look like someone draped sequin fabric on me and walked away. Sad but true but that doesn’t take away from it still being a really cute dress!

I only ended up buying the items below and they were all a size small and fit comfortably. 

If you haven’t checked the line out already online or at your local JcPenny do it now! They have restocked most of the items online so hurry, this line is only available for a limited time! 

What did you buy from the line? Let us know in the comments! Click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back and coupons when you shop!

The Look for Less: Valentino Rockstud

So I've actually done a look for less on this Valentino shoe before, but that was way back when we first started the blog. Back then the shoe had just come out and was getting hot.  I stated that it wasn't worth the splurge but I've changed my tune. I think the Valentino Rockstud is a classic and that style of shoe should be in every women's wardrobe, it's a must-have. The Rockstuds will run you about a stack but if you have the range get your splurge on. If you don't no problem we got you! 

Kaitlyn Pan is a brand based in Asia that sells many designer dupes, one of them being a Rockstud look for less.  The price is way more affordable than the Valentinos and they also come in a wide array of colors. Honestly, this may be the best look for less/ designer dupe there is. Scroll down for deets and a side by side comparison. 

Check out this side by side comparison of the two shoes. They are almost identical! Go buy these shoes an tell them Frugal Shopaholics sent you. 


Fall Shoes Under $50

Is your footwear in formation for the fall? If not, we got you! We rounded up some trendy shoes that you may want to add to your shoe collection for the season. This fall and winter is all about the shoes. Embellished, textured, sock- like, bold colors, mules, block heels and even kitten heels are all trendy for the upcoming seasons. So ladies and gentleman get in formation for fall. Wherever you live there is something here for you.

What's The TREND? Plaid

Plaid is just one of those trends that won't fade. That's perfectly fine because each cycle of a trend is always different. Worn by different people with different styles of dress. The most popular plaid looks that I have seen lately have been long vest dresses, oversized blazers and paper bag waist pants. 

In my opinion, plaid has always been considered more of a professional print. One that you see in more business settings, men's suit and women's dress pants and skirts. Thank God for advancement there's an edgier vibe to plaid. Check out some plaid pieces below to add to your wardrobe.

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