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Tracee Ellis Ross x JcPenny Review

The Tracee Ellis Ross x JcPenny collaboration release has come and gone and I can’t lie I was left feeling a little incomplete as far as the whole line was concerned. 

Since JcPenny hadn’t released a lookbook for this line I really didn’t know what to expect I thought there would be way more pieces like maybe one or two graphic tees that could be dressed up or down. A nice touch would’ve even been a heel or flat within the line to make it come full circle. 

My honest review of the line is that the pieces were of good quality. Didn’t feel cheaply made at all. My favorite pieces would have to be the full tuxedo and the full-length striped dress. These were also pieces I purchased for my own wardrobe because I knew that I would get a lot of use out of them for sure. 

It was originally my plan to order multiple sizes online and wait for them to be delivered to my house but I really wanted to try everything thing on at once to feel the fabrics and quality before making a purchase. 

Like always I made it to the store early before the rush and was able to get a small and medium in everything to try on. To my surprise, the line runs big so I was able to fit a small in just about everything. 

The sequin dress which was everyone’s favorite didn’t look good on my body shape at all. Kind of made me look like someone draped sequin fabric on me and walked away. Sad but true but that doesn’t take away from it still being a really cute dress!

I only ended up buying the items below and they were all a size small and fit comfortably. 

If you haven’t checked the line out already online or at your local JcPenny do it now! They have restocked most of the items online so hurry, this line is only available for a limited time! 

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The Look for Less: Valentino Rockstud

So I've actually done a look for less on this Valentino shoe before, but that was way back when we first started the blog. Back then the shoe had just come out and was getting hot.  I stated that it wasn't worth the splurge but I've changed my tune. I think the Valentino Rockstud is a classic and that style of shoe should be in every women's wardrobe, it's a must-have. The Rockstuds will run you about a stack but if you have the range get your splurge on. If you don't no problem we got you! 

Kaitlyn Pan is a brand based in Asia that sells many designer dupes, one of them being a Rockstud look for less.  The price is way more affordable than the Valentinos and they also come in a wide array of colors. Honestly, this may be the best look for less/ designer dupe there is. Scroll down for deets and a side by side comparison. 

Check out this side by side comparison of the two shoes. They are almost identical! Go buy these shoes an tell them Frugal Shopaholics sent you. 


Fall Shoes Under $50

Is your footwear in formation for the fall? If not, we got you! We rounded up some trendy shoes that you may want to add to your shoe collection for the season. This fall and winter is all about the shoes. Embellished, textured, sock- like, bold colors, mules, block heels and even kitten heels are all trendy for the upcoming seasons. So ladies and gentleman get in formation for fall. Wherever you live there is something here for you.

What's The TREND? Plaid

Plaid is just one of those trends that won't fade. That's perfectly fine because each cycle of a trend is always different. Worn by different people with different styles of dress. The most popular plaid looks that I have seen lately have been long vest dresses, oversized blazers and paper bag waist pants. 

In my opinion, plaid has always been considered more of a professional print. One that you see in more business settings, men's suit and women's dress pants and skirts. Thank God for advancement there's an edgier vibe to plaid. Check out some plaid pieces below to add to your wardrobe.

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Save $ or Splurge $$$ MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

I love trying out beauty dupes. Every opportunity I get to possibly replace a higher end product with a something a little cheaper I do. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not. I suffer from hyper-pigmentation so when I'm doing my makeup color correcting is a must for me. I've done alot of trial and error to find what works the best for me. Orange concealers have me looking like an oompa loompa and yellow concealers make me look ashy. When I discovered MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Peach Lustre it was perfect the perfect shade. It's not too orange but just enough to cover my dark spots so I'm not giving oompa loompa vibes. It doubles as a highlighter and color corrector for medium to dark skin tones which is a plus. Recently E.L.F dropped a new color correcting product that is somewhat similar to MAC's. It claims to conceal dark circles and hide imperfections on deeper complexions with the orange corrector. I tested it out and it was cool but a little too sheer for me. The color was good however it is very light.  I don't have dark circle so I cant test out that claim, but from my trial, I think this product is better suited for dark circles and light imperfections. If that is it what you have, give the E.L.F. Flawless Color Correcting Pen a try. For only $6 what could hurt. 

See the following specs and details and tell us what you think, SAVE or SPLURGE?!

Perfect for on the go, this Flawless Color Correcting Pen neutralizes imperfections leaving you with a flawless complexion. Enjoy a brighter and even skin tone with the convenient and easy to use correcting formula.

A pen-style highlighter that efficiently brings a soft, sheer wash of color to the skin. With its precision application, it adds radiance just where you want it. Goes on smoothly for cushion-soft wear. Use over makeup for highlights, touch-ups, or under makeup to brighten, prime and correct. Benefits: Provides instant radiance, lightweight, long-wearing, and non-drying, 

Have you tried these? If so, which do you prefer? I've tried both and MAC wins hands down for me. E.L.F isn't terrible but it doesn't provide the coverage I need.  So on this item, I'll take the SPLURGE!

LA Fashion Week Recap

LA Fashion week wrapped up the this years Fashion Week festivities for me and Christen. Though I wasn't able to attend NYFW in the Fall because of my huge move to LA. I was still able to live through Christen's Insta-stories and posts. Being that we attended NYFW in February I already had certain expectations of the shows, etc.

In the case of LAFW things were slightly different because I was attending Style Fashion Week events, where multiple designers were presenting their collections during three evening time slots from Thursday to Sunday. Which worked out perfectly because I work full time during the week. My friend Morgan and I, attended Friday and Saturday and we were looking forward to seeing Draya's Mint Swim line and I couldn't wait to see one of the designers from Project Runway Sonjia Williams line.

The music for the majority of the shows was on point, definitely had us dancing in our seats. The music for Mint Swim was a smooth mash up of 2007 throwback club jams as the models strutted their way up and down the runway. The suits were very sexy and unique I can tell that she wanted to go the edgier route for this seasons collection with multiple prints and abstract cuts.

I watch Project Runway every once and a while, I usually catch it in the middle of a season then I go back and binge watch from the beginning. I don't think I watched the season that Sonjia was on but I definitely enjoyed her designs. I could see myself wearing more than half of her pieces for sure.

The Pacific Design Center was beautiful, and the show was held outside which is never a problem in LA with the great weather. The only downside to the Style Fashion week shows was that they didn't start on time like the schedule stated. If I was running late then that would be the perfect situation but we were super early and even paid for meters so there were three occasions where we had to run back to the car to put more money on our meters. TWO things I hate about LA... Parking and Traffic.

All in all, LAFW was a good experience. I am looking forward to NYFW this February because it will be my only dose of Winter in addition to going home to NC for the holidays. More photos from my experience below:

Mint Swim:

Something by Sonjia:

Will you be a NYFW in February? Let us know!

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