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Derria's 8 Favorite Things

I'm definitely one of those people who will buy more than one item in different colors If I like it a lot. This post will serve as a round up of my 8 favorite things in regards to beauty, fashion and tech! Cases and portable chargers are just a few items that I have to have and make a habit of buying pretty often. What's funny is that majority of my favorite things can fit right in my purse, with the exception of the glass head!

Lets get into my Top 8 Favorite things!

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Christen's 10 Favorite Things

Everybody has specific things fashion or beauty items that they love. I'm not talking about the cute shoes you bought and wore a few times. I'm talking about your favorite jeans that you've worn so many times that they have a hole in them but you love them so much that you can't throw them away. One pair of my Calvin Klein sandals are falling apart but I can't seem to part ways with them because I love them so much. Now, I do have them in another color but I'm still throwing them out. When I find something I really like, I'll buy it in multiple quantities and every color so I will have enough for the future. 

Enough of my rambling, here are my top 10 favorite intimates, clothes, shoes, and beauty products that I will buy time and time again. If any of these get discontinued, please check on me. 

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It's Our 6th Blogiversary!

Can’t believe our little baby is 6! We literally couldn’t do this without your support. Lord knows we be over it sometimes but the comments and messages we receive about how we helped you all save make it worth it! ⁣Thank you all for your support, reading, commenting, sharing, and whatever else you do to help Frugal Shopaholics continue to grow!⠀

Take a look at our top 5 most viewed posts over the last year.

Thanks again for all the support! 

Spring 2019 Must Haves Under $50

Today marks the first day of spring. As I was preparing this post, I looked back at last year's spring must-haves and not much has changed style wise. I feel like trends and styles aren't changing as much as before so things that were stylish and on trend last year are still in style. 

As each season changes, you put away some items, pull out or buy some new things and wear the remainder of last seasons clothes as the weather transitions. As spring goes on you may want to add of few of these pieces, that is if you don't already have them. 

1. Sassy Sunglasses
2. Daring Dresses

3. Sporty Sets

4. Bum Bag
5. Fancy Flats

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What's The TREND? Tie Dye

Tie dye is another one of those trends that we've seen in the past but we aren't totally upset that we are seeing it again. You could obviously take part in this trend by heading to your local Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up a tie dye kit and tie dye just about anything made of cotton or spandex but luckily you don't have to look far. The vast majority of your favorite brands are coming through in the clutch with tie dye looks for you and me!

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Save $ or Splurge $$$ Laura Mercier Glow Brush

I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately; catching up on old videos, searching for new channels to subscribe to, and watching product reviews.  Recently, I was looking at a product review by MakeupShayla on the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Translucent Glow Powder and she used their brush to apply the highlighter and I just loved how it looked. I went to  Sephora to get all the details and closed the tab because I didn't really want to pay $40 for a brush, $20 is my limit lol. I'm pretty sure you know what's next....yep, you guessed it. I began searching for a dupe with that curved shape. I found a few good alternatives from Fenty, E.L.F and Shop Miss A but good ole E.L.F ended up being the best option to me. See the details and tell me what you think, SAVE or SPLURGE?!

Save: E.L.F. Sculpting Face Brush $6 ($3 at Walmart in-store)
The contoured and curved shape of this brush hugs the face to help expertly sculpt and blend product, contour cheekbones, define the nose, and minimize the look of jawline definition for precision application. This brush is ideal with foundation but also works perfectly with a variety of formulas including powders, liquids, and creams.

A powder brush designed to allow for even, luminous application all over the face. This brush’s unique, curved shape is designed to fit the contours of the face. It applies powder evenly and smoothly all over, leaving behind a consistent, uniform veil of luminosity.

Have you tried either of these brush? Are you saving or splurging? Right now, I'm going to save. But when I get some extra money, I'll be splurging again.

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Fall/WInter 2019 NYFW Recap

If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen that I was in New York this past weekend for New York Fashion Week. I wasn't planning to go because I hadn't lined up any shows to go. Usually, I would send out some emails to PR agencies to get some tickets to shows however this season I didn't. But we did get invites from our usuals, Chromat and Yuna Yang, I also got an invite to the CAAFD. So I took the bus from DC to NY to attend some shows and hang out with my friends while I was in town. 

Because fashion shows happen so fast it's impossible to capture everything from the show. Trying to get pictures and cute Instagram videos is a task in itself unless you have front row seats.  But thank God for the photographers and videographers who capture it all.  Check the footage and pics of the shows and what I wore both days. 

Day 1

The Chromat Autumn/Winter CLIMATIC collection was inspired by MIAMI: a city on the front lines of climate crisis. The AW19 collection grew out of this tropical paradise and was designed to be worn from your South Beach workout to your sunset swim.

CAAFD (The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers) staged its world-class of emerging designers during New York Fashion Week with a lineup of talented designers from around the globe.

Day 2

YUNA YANG FW 2019 collection dreams of an equal world in which each of you will become the protagonist! A world where individual lives, personalities, and happiness are respected and highlighted!

The Look for Less: Stuart Weitzman Hiline Boot

Over the knee boots are a major staple for the winter time. It's the perfect way to be both cute and warm. I think every woman should have at least one pair either flat or heeled, whatever your steeze is. They come in so many varieties, but today we are focusing on a classic pair.  

Stuart Weitzman is known for their classic staple shoes, one of them being the Hiline boot. They are high quality and timeless so you will have them for years. Most importantly you can find them at a reasonable price. I've seen them less than $300 (Regular $798) at Saks Off Fifth. However, if that's not the price you want to pay, I've found a look for less with a very similar quality. Check it out below!

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Winter 2019 Must Haves

The first day of Winter was less than a month ago but for most on the East Coast your probably confused to whether its Winter or Fall. Unfortunately for me the West Coast is getting cool and rainy weather. I'm so ready for the Spring and Summer I could just scream. But in normal form and fashion we wanted to equip you with 2019's Winter Must-Haves.

1. Puffer Scarf - Not your average scarf but it's totally a statement piece for just about any weather print.

2. Teddy Coat - The Teddy Coat is guarantees warmth all winter long and is so soft cuddly and adds a cozy touch to all looks.

3. Combat Boots - Soldier girl tell em! You need at least one pair in your wardrobe. Focus on finding army green, black or beige. Maybe even a pop of color like a yellow or white.

4. Beret -Berets are my favorite accessory, I have all colors. Though mostly wool, they are perfect all year long.

5. Classic Wool Jacket -The Classic Wool jacket is a closet staple and at this point if you don't already have one you should snag a neutral colored one. If you do have one already focus on getting a pop of color.

6. Over-the-Knee - I only have two pair in my wardrobe. I definitely wish I had more. My suggestions would be snakeskin print, black or maybe grey so that you can wear with just about anything.

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