Triad Goodwill Rock The Runway Fashion Show

This past Friday I attended the Triad Goodwill Rock The Runway Fashion Show in Greensboro, NC. My manager saw an ad in the News & Record and figured I'd be interested in going. I looked into it and thought it would be a great event to attend which it was! 

The first part of the show involved the guest participating in the Silent Auction and checking out the Willow by Goodwill Boutique. The boutique carries donated clothing that is new and used. 

The show featured collections from seven designers and the audiences vote determined the winner of a $1,000 prize package. Seven designers, seven Ready-to-wear collections, one winner. All of the collections were made of different clothing items found in local Goodwill stores with their own added twist. My favorite collection was by designer Carrie Coyle. Below is a quick video of the looks from her collection.

The Triad Goodwill Fashion show is done annually and tickets are very affordable. Great frugal fashion event to attend! Check with your local Goodwill to see if they do a similar show in your area!

P.S. The outfit I wore to the show was under $100!! 
Kimono - TJ Maxx $20
Bodysuit - Forever 21 $7
Faux Leather Joggers - Ebay $30
Royal Blue Pumps - Forever 21 $10 (on sale)


Frugal Spotlight: Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange

While in college my friends and I would always try to find ways to make extra cash. With the help of stores like Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate and Buffalo Exchange there are may ways to make money off clothing, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear or need in your wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange is a store where clothing and accessories that are lightly worn can either be traded for store credit or cold hard cash! Unlike Plato's and Uptown, Buffalo Exchange accepts Vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Which helps out when you have other items that are popular and might not sell as well in the store.

In my opinion Buffalo Exchange pays way more than the other two for clothing items so they are usually the first store I go to when I'm cleaning out my wardrobe or just have a few things I'm looking to sell. Whatever items they don't take I usually go to Plato's and Uptown to sell the rest.

Not only do I sell my clothes there it's always good to look around because someone else's trash could be your treasure! I've found plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces that I know no one else will have! Always a great feeling!

Frugs, Spring is coming up so if you have some items for the upcoming season that your aren't going to wear make a bag to take out to Buffalo Exchange and see your pockets get fatter for new items!

Find a Buffalo Exchange near you!  Click Here!


Are You Familiar With The Store Policy?

Its been a while since we've done a Tips and Tricks so here it goes. Have you ever been asked "Are you familiar with our store policy?" by the  cashier? Usually I say yes, just so I don't have hear them ramble off some memorized speech. But most major retailers have price adjustments and price matching policies that most customers don't know about.  

The Gap Family Stores, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta and Piperlime, will refund the difference if you request a price adjustment on an item that is marked down within 14 days of your purchase. Price adjustments for online purchases can be obtained by calling the web store's phone number or by emailing customer service

Nordstrom offers price adjustments if the item you purchased is reduced from its regular price within 14 days from your order date. They also have a never pay more policy, where they will match a price you find elsewhere. 

Other stores like Amazon,Abercrombie, Best Buy, J.Crew,  Kohl's, Target and Walmart also have price adjustment policies. So get familiar with the store policies of your favorite stores and use price adjustments to get the best deals and save money.


Get The Look: Kim K

1. Necklace | 2. Shirt | 3. Skirt | 4. Boots

Kim was seen in LA with BFF Ciara last week rocking the above outfit. Check out our rendition of her outfit for less than $100. 


The Look for Less: Hermes

I am an Hermes lover. While I can't afford their products YET, a girl can still dream. Their belts and bracelets are common starter products that people buy. A Hermes belt kit starts at about $800 and the enamel bracelet is $650. I see a lot of people with both items some real and some fake. Instead of spending all your money or buying a fake, check out this look for less.

- Christen

Celeb Style: The Tuxedo Pant

The tuxedo pant is by far the sharpest pant I've laid eyes on and is seemingly the easiest to find! Different styles from business professional to your casual joggers. As seen on Kelly Rowland and Kourtney Kardashian.

I've found a few pairs of tuxedo pants in random store like Rugged Warehouse and TJ Maxx and they are pretty affordable. But I'm still on the lookout for a full tuxedo with jacket and all so if you see one for a good price let me know! Check out some various styles below.


DIY Double Pom Pom Beanie

Did you catch BeyoncĂ© in her Double Pom Pom Beanie?? Well I did some time last week BeyoncĂ© was spotted at a Nets Game with Jay-Z. She was drenched in a $630 Karl Lagerfeld Tartan print jacket and a Double Pom Pom beanie that can run you close to $200!
However, if you want to make your own, I found a fairly easy DIY tutorial for the Double Pom Pom Beanie on A Pair & A Spare's blog. Check it out and if you make one let us know email or tag us in your photo!!  

I purchased my own on for $20. She has various color but black worked for me! 


What's the TREND? Marvel Comic Collection

Marvel Comics aren't just in the Sunday's paper anymore, they are all over cotton and spandex clothing waiting for a daring soul to make that purchase.

I've seen this trend all over the Forever 21 store and site. Very affordable and available in many different clothing styles: crop tops, cut-off shirt, bodysuits, bodycon dresses, skirts and leggings, For men basic t-shirts. Below are some of my favorites from this collection.

What do you think about this trend? Have you already made your Marvel purchase?


The Rundown: Peter Pilotto x Target


Woke up early this morning to check out the Peter Pilotto for Target and I was excited to say the least! We already knew the price point wasn't too high. Each item I tried on was no more than $40. All of the items fit true to size and were very comfortable.

I was kind of disappointed because I went to two stores and neither of them had the pieces I wanted. They are apart of the the swimwear line that hadn't been released in store yet. 

I wouldn't be my frugal self if I paid full price and I've decided to wait for the line to hit the sale rack! If I happen to miss out on this wonderful line it would be unfortunate but the frugal gods are always on my side.

Tag us in photos of you wearing your Peter Pilotto x Target items! 


Christen's Moving to Paris

So I'm m moving to Paris! If you follow me on Instagram you may have already heard. I've always wanted to live in another country, so me and a friend applied to grad school in Paris and we got it. 

We've been planning this for almost 2 years now and it's finally going to happen! I'm both anxious and excited. I'm mostly worried about how I'm going to fit my whole wardrobe in 2-3 suitcases, I'm having a panic attack just thinking about it lol. So over the next few months, I'll be purging my closet and adding things to our Poshmark closet. I will be blogging a lot more on how I prepare for my move to the City of Lights, the frugal way of course. 


The Look for Less: Burberry

Burberry Look for Less

I'm not a fan of rain boots and I've never been BUT the weather in DC has been real icky, as I'm writing this blog post there is mixture of snow and rain coming down outside. I walk to the Metro from my apartment everyday and I'm always slipping or falling with my UGGs on. So it might be time for my to get over my hate for rain boots and buy some. I was in the Burberry store by my job and came across these, check them and the look for less out below! They are pretty much identical. 



What's On My Feet?

I'm just getting into the whole shoe club membership stores like ShoeDazzle and Just Fab. I mean I've been aware of them but I never really had a desire to order anything until recently. Since my style resolution is too keep my outfits $100 and under inexpensive shoes are a must. Checkout my most recent purchases from Shoe Dazzle's $25 boot sale.

- Christen
Style Resolutions: Outfits $100 & Under
Style Resolutions: Outfits $100 & Under 
Style Resolutions: Outfits $100 & Under