The Look for Less: MICHELE Deco Bracelet Watch

Hey Frugs! It's been a while. Hope you are all are doing well in the midst of the pandemic. We're trying to get back into the swing of blogging. It felt kinda weird blogging about shopping while so may people were out of work. However, this MICHELE look for less was too good not to post. It's super affordable and you'll never guess where I found it. 

MICHELE watches are a timeless classic and staple for many women. Pair it with a few bracelets and you have the perfect stack. These types of items are definitely investment pieces and are worth the splurge if you have it. But if a high-end watch is not in your budget don't worry there is always something comparable style-wise out there. For example, the MICHELE Deco watch retails for a over $2,000. I found a look-alike at Walmart, yes you read that correctly, for $13. Now the quality is nowhere near a MICHELE watch but if you to give off that look; It's definitely giving. Check it out! 

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