Save $ or Splurge $$$ Morphe Brushes

Makeup brushes make or break your makeup application. You most definitely need quality tools to get that flawless beat. Finding super inexpensive high-quality brushes are hard to come by. Outside of E.L.F., I don't know many brands that have good quality brushes at a cheap price. Well not until I came across Beili. I found out about the brand through a twitter thread and they were being compared to Morphe's brushes. And because I love a good beauty dupe I had to see for my self. So, I ordered a few brushes that I have the Morphe comparable, along with a couple others. Long story short, I probably won't be purchasing Morphe brushes any longer. Both brands have synthetic hair bristles and similar shapes throughout the range, and they both provide a flawless application. The only difference is Beili's brushes have a shorter handle, but I actually prefer that. Oh and the price, how could I forget. Beili is about a fourth cheaper than Morphe which makes it a winner in my book. 

Below are the Beili brushes that I ordered that have Morphe dupes. I also ordered 804 (my new favorite foundation brush) and 805 (great for bronzer). If you love Morphe's brushes then you'll definitely love these. 

Splurge: Morphe Brushes
E48, E4, E7, E63, E41

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