Affordable Skincare Products Under $30

ORIGINAL: 4/24/2018
UPDATED: 4/21/2020

Skin is in as I’ve said multiple times on here. I’ve struggled with hormonal acne since I was 12 with a small side of cystic acne and in these recent years some eczema (or so I thought). Add all that together is a recipe for terrible skin.  I’ve tried everything in the book from natural remedies to the strongest of prescriptions, but that thing that has worked the best is a consistent skincare routine with products that fit my actual skincare needs. I have to give some credit to Accutane. I did 2 rounds starting in 2016 and that cleared 90% of my acne. However, I still get a small breakout here and there as well as some hyperpigmentation cause I have a bad habit of picking my face. My skin problems were under control until I found out I had an underlying disease (cutaneous lymphoma) that was pretending to be eczema. The past year and a half my skin has been horrible due to my skin lymphoma. When it got really bad I couldn't even do my skincare routine because everything irritated me. But after completing phototherapy and radiation it looks completely better. Now, I can get back to perfecting my skin. 

My skincare routine is what keeps everything under control. For years I was using the wrong products. I had always thought that I had dry skin but it wasn’t until I went to an esthetician that she told me I was wrong, I combination/oily skin. I was using gel and foaming cleansers that were literally drying my skin out to the point that I thought my skin was dry but in fact, it was just dehydrated. If you can’t afford a trip to the esthetician schedule a consultation with Hey Aprill or Cave of Beauty they will get you together. Don’t have time or money for that either check out this post on April’s blog about determining skin type. This will help guide you to the right products. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if it’s not for your skin type. Odds are the product won't work well for you. 

After finding out my skin type is when I was finally able to get products that worked for me. I switched to oil and more hydrating cleansers, added in some chemical exfoliation, started hydrating and wearing sunscreen. Yes, black people, we have to wear sunscreen. Have you been trying to figure out why that hyperpigmentation won't go away? Well, it's getting darker every time you go out without SPF.  I adopted my own version of the Korean beauty 10 step regimen. I’m not a skincare expert but this is what has been working for me. Here are the steps I take in my routine.

Oil Cleanse - DHC Cleansing Oil (PM to remove makeup)
Exfoliate - Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid (2x A Week)
Hydrate - Cosrx Essence (AM/PM)
Treat - The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid Hydrating Serum + The Ordinary 100% L-Ascorbic Acid Powder  (AM)
Peel - The Ordinary AHA/BHA Peel (Every Other Week)
Skincare is my current obsession. I buy more beauty products than clothes these days that I had to implement a 1 empty 1 newbie policy. So that means I can only buy a new product once I’ve finished one. This keeps my product junkie under control. And of course, I keep it affordable when it comes to what I buy. There are great quality products at all price ranges. I just tend to buy on the lower end. I've put together some widgets with affordable skincare products under $30. Check them out!

Treatments  & Masks

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Stay at Home Essentials

What are we on Week 6 of Quarantine? I know it's been tough on all of us. To sit still and not go out can be annoying after about Day 7, but it's our new normal. If we have to stay in the house the least we can do is look cute and cozy while doing it. Here are some comfy and cozy living room fits for the low!




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