Pantone Fashion Color Report: Fall 2014

Pantone is a company created a system of color matching that is used in the print industry. It maintains a complex system of labeling  colors and keeping a formula of their composition. Pantone is known for releasing colors for the season and this fall  has an amazing "untypical" palette. 

These color are sure to give your wardrobe life and vibrance. When it comes to my wardrobe and my clients I'm not afraid to add color even though I usually wear all black in the winter months! Im loving the aluminum, bright cobalt, sangria and cypress.  Check it out! 


Let us know what colors you are feeling and what you are going to incorporate into your wardrobe!


Frugal Spotlight: C & A

I haven't been doing much shopping since I've moved, 1 because I'm broke and 2 is because clothes and shoes are expensive. My first week here, my roomate and I went out window shopping and I we stopped in this store called C & A. I was hesitant to walk in at first because the items in the window looked out of my price range. However, to my suprise, the clothes were actually pretty inexpensive. I purchased a faux leather jacket for 29€ (about $36) and the quality is great. 

C&A is an international Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing stores, with its European head offices in Vilvoorde, Belgium, and Düsseldorf, Germany. It has retail stores in many European and Latin-American countries. If you ever near a C & A you should stop in.


Paris Is Always A Good Idea

I don't know if it was because I was moving here, but I had been seeing an inordinate amount of Paris themed items in stores before I moved.  I wanted clothes (mainly tops) with Paris written on them but I didn't want to look like a tourist so I decided not to lol.  See some cool Paris things I've come across while doing some online browsing.  In the words of Audrey Hepburn, " Paris is always a good idea".

The Look for Less: Chanel

The Look for Less: Chanel
Chanel's fall/winter 2013 collection contained these to die for chained boots, I've been lusting over them ever since I saw them. Last month June Ambrose released a very similar version in her HSN collection, I wanted them so bad but they came out after I left for Paris. So if you've been looking for a cheaper version of these Chanel boots look no further. 

Alexander Wang x H&M Sneak Peek

As you may already know H&M announced it collaboration with Alexander Wang back at Coachella earlier this year, but now the secret is definitely out along with pictures of Rhianna in one of the collaboration pieces. The collection will be released on November 6 to over 250 stores worldwide and online, talk about exciting!
Rihanna Alexander Wang H&M
The great thing about this collaboration is that it will feature apparel and accessories for both men and women. I'm eyeing the look Rhianna was seen in as well as the Wang sweatshirt! Below is a sneak peek of what is to come November 6th!

See the full lookbook

What's The TREND? Utility Jumpsuit

Utility inspired jumpsuits are definitely in this season and you've probably seen them on most of the trendiest of celebs. Denim, silk you name it I'm sure there's a jumpsuit made of it, very versatile and comfortable. 

I recently purchased two jumpsuits. They weren't in the price range I wanted to pay but they will definitely earn their keep in my ever changing wardrobe. I purchased them both from Forever 21, one was denim and ran me about $63 and the other was a gray cotton version, which is still available online, for $40. Checkout the ones I found below.
What's The Trend: The Utility Jumpsuit


Fall Must Haves Under $50

Fall is here! I'm usually not a big fan of fall, but the weather in Paris is great. Here are a few essentials that I've had my eye on and that you might want to have in you closet for this season. The best part about these items is that they all under $35. Be sure to see our Daily Deals page for further discounts!

Fall Essentials Under $35

- Christen

Meet Frugal Shopaholic Desiree Bell

Desiree Bell 

Where are you from?
Durham, NC

Explain your Instagram name.
Dez: Short for Desiree
Ology: The study of a particular subject (the subject being me!)

Describe your personal style?
Whatever makes me feel good! :) I’ve recently gotten into sewing, which gives me the freedom to create different looks exactly the way I want. A lot of times I find myself browsing through different sites and I’ll see something I like, but I don’t like the price tag. If I really like it enough, I’ll figure out a way to make a cheaper version myself. I've been seeing a lot of Ankara lately and I wanted IN! I ordered some fabric from Etsy and put together these shorts.
Where are your favorite places to shop?
Mainly the fabric store, but outside of that I like ASOS, Forever 21 or any place with a good sale! 

What does being a "Frugal Shopaholic" mean to you?
Patience & planning! My coworker recently got me into couponing. I thought it was a granny hobby, but I was SO mistaken. I’ve learned so many neat couponing tips that have helped me save a ton of money. Yes, it can be a little time consuming, but the end result is worth it. Everything's gotta go on sale at some point, right?
This shopping trip was a success due to the use of rain checks, store sales and super doubles (coupons up to a $2 value are doubled in worth i.e. $2 turns into $4) and yes that's chicken over there to the left! 

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that you can share with our readers?
Coupon Codes! I'm a big fan of ordering online. Before each purchase, I'll check the web for any applicable coupon codes to see if I can save a few pennies.  If you decide to get into grocery couponing, stay organized and visit these sites for all the coupon info you’ll ever need (they handle all the “dirty work” for you).  or Make your own sales with rain checks, they never expire! A rain check for a great sale price paired with a good coupon is always a winning situation. Long wait at the register? Instead of getting frustrated, use this time to hunt for a mobile coupon to use with your purchase. You’d be surprised at what you might find.