Cute and Cold

Derria and I along with a few other friends are headed to Iceland in a few days. It's a must to remain cute in the cold winter weather, but warm clothes aren't always the most fashionable. I've decided that this will not be a super cute trip cause I'm not trying to freeze to death. Plus this carry-on bag policy will only allow me to pack what's necessary. So I'm packing cute accessories to make my outfits pop a little. 

Even though winter is doing a no call, no show every other day, you still need to be prepared. Here are some cute winter accessories that will spice up your winter outerwear. 

Fashionable Winter Accessories

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Trends To Try In 2017

I wanted to share some of the top trends YOU should add to your wardrobe, and frugal options of course! A few of these trends are trends you may have seen years ago, but we all know that fashion and trends go through cycles. If you are into fashion like I am you'll make an effort to get this stuff in your wardrobe this season.

Trend #1: Puffer Coats- I touched on puffer coats in our recent "What's The Trend" post. I remember having one when I was a little girl and to see this trend make its way back around has me very excited. I have 4 puffer coats in my wardrobe right now! 

Trend #2: Velour & Velvet Sweatsuits- Don't you remember wearing these in high school?? I sure do and I actually bought two velvet sweatsuits from Forever 21. I plan on styling it with a leather moto jacket with my "Look For Less" Yeezy ankle boots. 
Trend #3:  Metallic Anything- Metallic adds pizazz to any simple look and it's in just about any retail store. You can also pair it with my next trend, a Band Tee!

Trend #4: Tour Merch Tees- Two years in a row band tees are still staple pieces in people's wardrobes. Check out Forever 21, H&M and Boohoo for frugal band tee options. 
Trend #5: ORANGE is the new black- whether its construction orange or jailbird orange... you need it in your wardrobe in 2017! You'll stand for sure. 
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The Look for Less: Saint Laurent

Everybody needs a good tote. It's a great way to carry your everyday essentials. Totes are great for a roomy interior that has enough space to carry just about everything you need on the day to day basis. My favorite tote is my Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote. When I lived in Paris it was essential to the Parisian starter kit. Now as a young professional its time to level up and get something a little better. I've been thinking of splurging on a tote along the lines of the Chanel Grand Shopper Tote or Saint Laurent Quilted Tote. If you are looking to upgrade your tote game, but don't want to splurge. Check out the Katty bag I spotted while shopping in Aldo.

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2017 Style Resolutions

We are a little over a week into the new year. Every year we share our style resolution. In addition to personal resolutions, style resolutions are also important. I plan on continuing my 2016 theme, "Quality over Quantity". As I'm getting older, cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories aren't the move. It's time to invest in some pieces that will last a lifetime. You ever saw something in your parents' or grandparents' closet that they have had for 30+ years? I'm trying to get to that level. See my resolutions below. 

My 2017 Style Resolutions:

  1. Invest in more staple classic pieces. 
  2. Add more color.
  3. Only buy what I need. No more buying things just to have it. 

I want to hear from you...What's your 2017 Style/Shopping Resolution? Leave a comment and let me know!

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What's The TREND? Puffer Coats

Last weekend on the East Coast we had a snow storm that blanketed homes and businesses causing most people to have cabin fever for a few days and if you were going out to pull out your warmest coat possible! There's one thing I know for sure... puffer coats are the IT thing this winter. All colors, large, small, long or short you need to have at least one puffer coat in your wardrobe. Check out some snazzy choices below!

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Meet Frugal Shopaholic Kiara Sharde

Kiara Sharde

Where are you from?
Durham, NC

Explain your blog or instagram name? 
I kept it simple with my first and middle name. Kiara Sharde' sounds spicier than Kiara Holley (my last name) lol

Describe your personal style.
Laid back and cozy. I walk everywhere and I'm on my feet all day at work so I'm usually in sneakers, loose jeans, and a tee.
What are your favorite places to shop?
 Before working as a buyer at Beacon's Closet, a designer and vintage thrift store,  Zara and Urban Outfitters were my usual places. But now just about all of my clothes come from my job. I find the best stuff and I always wonder why some of our sellers trade in their items! During my second week working there, I purchased  a vintage Celine bag (from when Michael Kors was their designer) and a vintage Louis Vuitton bucket bag.

What does being a “Frugal Shopaholic” mean to you? 
Knowing how to finesse your way around the belief that style means spending a lot of money!

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can share with our readers? 
Everything goes on sale so wait to buy something if you don't need to wear it ASAP. Fall merchandise gets put on the floor in August-September but is always marked down in December. 

How can we keep in touch with you? and @kiara_sharde on Instagram!

It's a Photoshoot!

Finally! We reunite for a Frugal Shopaholics photoshoot. Though me and Christen live in two different states we see each other at least two to three times a years different events or even just to see each other. This time in particular we planned to fit in a photoshoot on Christen's visit to Charlotte for our nephew's birthday!

We have recently updated the blog so these photos are perfect for our revamp. I really loved our looks and if you like them you can snag them for yourself. Check out some shots from our shoot  and outfit details below!  

Suit Jacket: ASOS (Tall)
Pants: ASOS (Tall)
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Skirt: ASOS
Shirt: Forever21
Boots: Steve Madden

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New Year, New Frugal Shopaholics

2016 has been a year for the books. We decided earlier in the year that its was time to give our site a little face lift and FINALLY take some much needed photos (post coming soon) for the blog and our social media pages. Since you are reading this than you see our wonderful upgrades! 

Our new template was done by Bard Jeda. He makes great templates, if you are using the blogger platform and need of a template, check him out. McKenna Brittney created a custom brand package for us.  She is literally the  best and  fast! Please go and purchase her services. 

Happy New Year! Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2017.