Trends To Try In 2017

I wanted to share some of the top trends YOU should add to your wardrobe, and frugal options of course! A few of these trends are trends you may have seen years ago, but we all know that fashion and trends go through cycles. If you are into fashion like I am you'll make an effort to get this stuff in your wardrobe this season.

Trend #1: Puffer Coats- I touched on puffer coats in our recent "What's The Trend" post. I remember having one when I was a little girl and to see this trend make its way back around has me very excited. I have 4 puffer coats in my wardrobe right now! 

Trend #2: Velour & Velvet Sweatsuits- Don't you remember wearing these in high school?? I sure do and I actually bought two velvet sweatsuits from Forever 21. I plan on styling it with a leather moto jacket with my "Look For Less" Yeezy ankle boots. 
Trend #3:  Metallic Anything- Metallic adds pizazz to any simple look and it's in just about any retail store. You can also pair it with my next trend, a Band Tee!

Trend #4: Tour Merch Tees- Two years in a row band tees are still staple pieces in people's wardrobes. Check out Forever 21, H&M and Boohoo for frugal band tee options. 
Trend #5: ORANGE is the new black- whether its construction orange or jailbird orange... you need it in your wardrobe in 2017! You'll stand for sure. 
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