The Look for Less: Balenciaga

Hey Frugal Shopaholics! It's that time again! If you loved Christen's blog post on the Chunky Sneaker trend then this post is for you. I wanted to take that post one step further and highlight the Balenciaga Look for LESS!

This look for less is under $100 of course and the Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker is well over $800 and If you're anything like me then sometimes paying almost $1,000 isn't in the cards.  Check out the look for WAY less below:

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Frugal Finds: FashionPhile

This post may a little different than the frugal finds we usually post. We stick to stores that are accessible for the everyday woman. But as we've said many times you can be a frugal shopaholic on any budget. Yes, those of you who love luxury items can be frugal shopaholics too. Some people love the luxury sales experience that comes with buying a brand new bag. However, buying gently used or pre-loved bags is the perfect way to shop brands that rarely or never go on sale. You can buy a previously owned bag in great condition for a fraction of the retail price. 

Since consignment shops are very popular now. It's important to shop at a trusted store that guarantees authenticity. I recently discovered Fashionphile from our girl Jenee. They are a reputable online fashion resale website where consumers can buy and sell women’s luxury designer pre-loved handbags, accessories and jewelry. Fashionphile guarantee's the authenticity of every item we sell or 100% of your money back. Fashionphile also has physical locations in Beverly Hills, San Francisco, and Carlsbad, California if you would like to shop or sell your handbags and accessories. 

Get that designer bag you've always wanted buy shopping Fashionphile. Check out a few bags that are good steals!

Retail: $4,100
Fashionphile: $1,975

Est. Retail: $6,400
Fashionphile: $5,095

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Target x Hunter Collection

Ladies & Gents, you all should know by know that I am a HUGE fan of the majority of Targets collaborations. My favorite so far is the A New Day collection, I buy the bulk of my work clothes from that collection and... most of the time its off the sale rack! But there's a new collab in town and its the Hunter brand giving us water protection on a budget. 

The Hunter Brand is known for their rubber boots, so its exciting to see more in the Target collection. I have already made my list of WANTS we all know I don't need anything but when it drops on the 14th (This Saturday) I'll be there to try everything on and give you guys my honest opinion. 

The collab is limited edition but is inspired by family, it will include boots, outerwear, clothing, shoes, accessories, and outdoor gear for men, women, and children. 

To explore the collection for the whole family head here! Below are some of the items I think you should add to your wardrobe!

P.S. The collection isn't over $50! A frugalshopaholics dream! Check out the full women's line here! Click here to sign up for Ebates or Dosh and get cash back and coupons when you shop!

Meet Frugal Shopaholic Dionne


Where are you from? 
I'm a military brat born in Germany. However, I've lived in Atlanta since 2002. So that's home. 

Explain your blog or Instagram name? 
A random guy on twitter actually gave me the name Closet Whisperer a few years back. My blog name and everything used to be "Iam_Ideal". One day I just tweeted that I like making people feel like they need a certain thing in their closet and I asked what do you call those people. He responded: Closet Whisperer. I thought it was funny but I loved it and it has stuck ever since. 
Describe your personal style? 
I'd say my style is pretty simple. It's a mix of classic and statement pieces. I know what works for me and I stick with that. 

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
I usually stick to the same places when I shop. I love those little mom and pop stores in the mall. There are gems in there if you can get past the fluff. Of course, I love TJ Maxx, but I only shop their runway and contemporary section. It never lets me down. H&M has also been stepping it up lately. They were slacking for a minute. I, also, prefer shopping online lately. So, a few of my favorite online stores are revolve, Shopbop, and forward. 

What does being a “Frugal Shopaholic” mean to you? 
Frugal to me means being smart. I'm still in the pre-rich stage of my life right now but even if I wasn't I would know that you should rarely if ever buy anything at full price. Besides true style doesn't come from how much something cost but how you wear it. 

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can share with our readers? 
A frugal tip I have is to always cross check prices. Even if I'm in TJ Maxx and find something I love, I'll look online to see if it's cheaper elsewhere first before I buy it. Also with H&M sign up for their texts or emails and get a 20% off coupon. I don't care if it's already on sale for $5, I will still use that 20% off. Also, a tip for stalking something that goes on sale online and sells out..... If you have google chrome, add the page monitor extension and it will notify you every time something happens on the page. So, say the size of that item comes back in, it'll notify you. Just be quick so it doesn't sell out again. 

How can we keep in touch with you? 
Instagram is my main platform right now. So you can follow me there @ClosetWhisperer 

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What's The TREND? Chunky Sneakers

Grandmas, grandpas and corny dads everywhere have been rocking chunky sneakers for decades so these type of shoes aren't new. But the high-end designers like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Yeezy have got ahold of the shoe and now they are trendy. I will admit I'm not a big fan of the trend but some people can pull it off. If you are here for the ugly, chunky sneakers. Here are some budget-friendly chunky sneakers. 

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