Deals of the Week: 6/30/13

Hey Frugs,

Here are the deals of the week. Happy Shopping!

BCBG Max Azaria*
Extra 20% off summer sale, expires 7/2

Bloomingdale's sale 

Extra 20% off sale items, expires 7/7
Promo Code: SALE 20

Frugal Spotlight: Ebay

I have been an active member of eBay since 2007. I started off selling items on eBay before buying. It was a quick and easy way for me to make money off items I didnt want anymore. Old cell phones, shoes etc. But eBay has proven to be so much more, it is ultimately my second favorite place to shop. Haboring tons of great prices on items that may be way more on another boutique website or in-store. I'm always shopping and when I find an item that I really line online or in a store, I always look the item up on eBay to see if I can purchase the item for a cheaper price. This is almost always possible with eBay  Yes, it may take some digging and patience to look through each page but its totally worth it.

eBay is the breeding ground for many a frugal shopaholics. If you are like us and have clothes and shoes or electronics laying around the house, utilize eBay to sell your items and make some money. Your trash is someone else's treasure. But you should most definitely use eBay to purchase items.

The Look for Less: Beyonce

beyonce_leather_shorts_headban     Leggy: Beyonce showed off her toned stems as he attended the 10th anniversary party of Billionaire Boys Club presented by HTC at Tribeca Canvas in New York City on Tuesday

Leather jogging pants were the ‘it’ bottoms of last season. This season the leather jogging shorts are the go to, they can be dressed up or worn casually. Beyonce has been seen out several times wearing different styles of leather jogger shorts. Below are two affordable pairs. I got mine from eBay and they are super comfy.

Elastic Waist Faux Leather Casual Shorts $11

Christen, A Frugal Shopaholic

If you have a "look" that you want us to find for less, leave a comment for us below. 

Deals of the Week: 6/23/13

Hey Frugs,

Here are the deals of the week. Happy Shopping!

American Apparel: 
Take 30% off everything!Offer ends 6/28/13
Promo Code: LOVE30

Save 10% On Your Order Of $75 Or More. Plus, receive Free Shipping.

Men's Summer Must Haves

Don't fret!, Summer is almost here and we all are just getting into the swing of things for the spring. There are a few items we think each male frug should have in their wardrobe for the 2013 summer season. Take Notes!

Colored Chinos: Experiment with color and invest in casual pair of trousers. Chinos are versatile and can be paired with just about any look.
Where to buy: Topman, Old Navy, Gap, JCPenny, Nordstrom, Forever21

Printed Short Sleeve Shirt: Printed short sleeve shirts popped on the scene in 2012 and have remained ever since. Great when paired with Chinos, denim or even a different printed bottom if you are a risk taker! Most printed shirts give you a vintage inspired look.

FYI: Botanical Printed shirts are this seasons biggest trend for Men & Women.
Where to buy: JCPenny, Topman, American Eagle, Pacsun, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Hollister

Authentic Blue Denim Jeans: Every male should have a good quality pair of denim jeans. If not then add them to your wardrobe ASAP. Don't settle for cheap quality denim. Denim should last a lifetime and they are a staple item for most male looks. You dont always have to spend an arm and a leg to get good quality.

Where to buy: H&M, Forever21, Gap, Pacsun, Old Navy

Tassel Front Loafers: Break out of those sneakers and a nice casual pair of loafers to your wardrobe. They are confrotable and breathable for this hot weather.

Where to buy: Dillards, Aldo, H&M

Colored/Printed Baseball Cap: You should already be familiar with baseball caps. Printed, and coloured five panel baseball caps are a MUST have this season. Great accessory for any casual look.

Where to buy: Pacsun, Lids, Huf, Urban Outfitters

Casual Summer Blazer: Top off your casual summer look with a light linen, denim or colored blazer. Comfortable on those brisk summer nights and gives you a more tailored look.
Where to buy: Local thrift store, Gap, Urban Outfitter, Banana Republic, Topman, ASOS

Camouflage Chino/Shorts: Camo has been the "go-to" print for the last few years. It was only right to have it on the list of summer must haves. We have been introduced to different patterns and shades of camo. Grab a pair! It's a staple item for your wardrobe this summer!
Where to buy: Pacsun, JCP, Army Navy Store, Target

Do you have any Men's Summer Must Haves suggestions? Leave a comment and we will get the word out to our Male Frugs!

Derria, A Frugal Shopaholic

Ladies Summer Must Haves Under $25

Summer is a week away so we want to make sure our frugalistas are equipped with some of the must have staples pieces for the season.

1. Lace / Crotchet Tops - H&M $8

2.Colored Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 $23

3. Distressed Denim Shorts - Forever 21 $18

4. Fringe Swimsuits - eBay $7

5. Jelly Sandals - eBay $14

6. Retro Sunglasses - eBay $5

7. Gold Accessories - Jewelry Duty Under $10


Christen, A Frugal Shopaholic

The Look for Less: Saint Laurent

About 2 years ago I was in Neimans and I saw the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandal, I immediately fell in love. This shoe is a classic and one the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on. But when YSL was changed to Saint Laurent it was rumored that the Tribute Sandal was being discontinued but turns out that was false the line was being reworked and upgraded. But anyway, I have found a nice look a like for our frugs from JustFab. You can also Check out BlueFly or Net-A-Porter for a discounted pair of the older version.

If you have a "look" that you want us to find for less, leave a comment for us below. 

- Signed
Christen, A Frugal Shopaholic

Frugal Spotlight: JCPenney

JCPenney also known as JCP has made a few changes over the last four years. Removing the catalog aspects of the store and in June 2011 annoucing that Ron Johnson would be the company's new CEO. On February 1st, JCP began a new pricing method, with "Everyday prices" on most days reflecting what use to be sale prices. "Monthly value" for certain items every month in place of sales and "Best prices" the first and the third Friday's of each month tied to pay days. Prices would no longer end in 7 or 9, instead using whole figure pricing items. The changes within the store included "mini stores".. a store within a store i.e. Levi's & The Original Arizona Jean Co.

Deals of the Week: 6/9/13

Hey Frugs,

Here are the deals of the week. Happy Shopping!

Bloomingdale’s: *
20% off sitewide, expires 6/9. Plus get 3% cash back.
Promo Code: FANDF

Dogeared: *

10% off any order, expires 6/18. Plus get up to 8% cash back.
Promo Code: SPRING2013

The Look for Less: Margiela

The knuckle ring trend is very popular staple accessory to many. In the picture below Beyonce is shown wearing the overpriced Maison Martin Margiela ring set. I purchased a similar pair for wayyy cheaper. Check it out below.      

If you have a "look" that you want us to find for less, leave a comment for us below. 

Christen, A Frugal Shopaholic

Are You A Frugal Shopaholic?

Do you consider yourself a frugal shopaholic? Are you always searching for a deal and never paying full price unless you absolutely have to? Submit yourself and your frugal finds for a chance to be featured as the Frugal Shopaholic of the Month by leaving a comment in the comment box below telling us why you are a frugal shopaholic.

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Deals of the Week: 6/2/13

Hey Frugs,

Here are the deals of the week. Happy Shopping!

American Eagle: 
Secret Summer Sale! Enter Code at Checkout to Reveal Your Mystery Savings. Offer ends 6/2/13. 
Promo Code: 22039351

$50 off your $300+ full-priced order expires 6/30. Plus get 4% cash back.
Promo Code: DKNY50