Frugal Spotlight: JCPenney

JCPenney also known as JCP has made a few changes over the last four years. Removing the catalog aspects of the store and in June 2011 annoucing that Ron Johnson would be the company's new CEO. On February 1st, JCP began a new pricing method, with "Everyday prices" on most days reflecting what use to be sale prices. "Monthly value" for certain items every month in place of sales and "Best prices" the first and the third Friday's of each month tied to pay days. Prices would no longer end in 7 or 9, instead using whole figure pricing items. The changes within the store included "mini stores".. a store within a store i.e. Levi's & The Original Arizona Jean Co.

I was never a huge fan of JCPenney. I only walked through the store if parking was better at that entrance to the rest of the mall.But the clothing always looked so drab and old fashion. But after hearing about the changes in the media, I decided to pay them a visit. To my surprise I came home with a bag full of stuff and I only spent about $40!

The most expensive piece of clothing I've seen is about $50. But just about everything is on "sale". And they always have some type of online or in-store coupon for your entire purchase.

The overall look and style of the clothing is also different. There are actually items you can add to your wardrobe and be satisfied with your purchase. The men's and women's department are both eqipped with tons of trendy looks.

I've given you the run down about JCP and I want you to form your own opinion. But from one Frugal Shopaholic to another, go check out the new setup, affordable prices and stylish yet trendy items. You won't be sorry!

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Derria, A Frugal Shopaholic

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