365 of 365: Best Of 2014

Today marks the last day of the year. 2014 has been a good year for the blog as well as our personal lives. We are looking forward to what next year has in store. 

Below are our 5 most viewed blog posts this year; if you hadn't read them before do so now!

When buying wardrobe essentials, I believe you should buy quality pieces that will last for a long time which may cost more than you normally would spend. Think of them as investment pieces. The key to purchasing great quality pieces while still being frugal is shopping out of season, outlet stores and major sales. This post lists some essentials I believe every lady should have and where to buy them for the low! - See more at: 8 Wardrobe Essentials Worth the Splurge
I'm an advocate of not paying more for an item than its worth. A lot of these 'high end' makeup brands have good products but some are not worth the price in my opinion. Here are some inexpensive makeup products that can be purchased at a drugstore or your local beauty supply store.  - See more at: Beauty on a Budget 

A Hermes belt kit starts at about $800 and the enamel bracelet is $650. I see a lot of people with both items some real and some fake. Instead of spending all your money or buying a fake, check out this look for less. - See more at: The Look for Less: Hermes

Did you catch BeyoncĂ© in her Double Pom Pom Beanie? If you want to make your own, I found a fairly easy DIY tutorial for the Double Pom Pom Beanie on A Pair & A Spare's blog - See more at: DIY Double Pom Pom Beanie 

UGGS aren't cheap and finding some on sale is a challange. Over the Christmas holiday I came across these cute little boot wraps by Homage, which are liners that pop onto soles of you UGGs. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. The prices range from $29.95 to $34.95. They are sold exclusively at Nordstrom. These boot covers are perfect for sprucing up an old or new pair of UGGs. - See more at: Dress Up Your UGGs

Happy New Years! Leave us a comment below and let us know what you would like to see from us in the new year! 

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Get The Look: Rihanna

I think almost everyone saw Rihanna in her royal blue fur jacket a few days ago, well if you haven't see the pic above. Rihanna is a trend setter and I admire her personal style because she pushes the envelope and owns what she wears. After doing a little bit a online window shopping I found the jacket she was wearing is 14FW Oversized Fur Jacket by Kye, a Korean fashion designer. Her jacket will run you about $900 so of course I had to find a more frugal version.

Pass or Purchase? Let us know what you think!


New Years Eve Outfits Ideas

New Years Eve is right around the corner and its time to plan your outfit if you already haven't done so. If you haven't this is for you. I've picked out a few outfits that I think would work for any type of NYE celebration.
New Years Outfits 2014
Outfit 1: Necklace || Dress || Shoe
Outfit 2: Necklace || Jumpsuit || Shoe
Outfit 3: Dress || Clutch || Shoe
Outfit 4: Jacket || Pants || Shoes
Checkout MissGuided and BooHoo for other great outfit ideas! 

 - Christen

The Look For Less: Isabel Marant

The Look for Less: Isabel Marant
A frugal shopaholic can dream right? I spotted these Isabel Marant boots on Instagram that are too die for! But unfortunately for me they are $810. But of course it wouldn't be right if I didn't find the look for less. On my daily forever21.com run through I came across this Isabel Marant inspired boot. They look so muck like!

The Look:
Isabel Marant Nowles Ankle Boots $810  

For Less:  Chukka Wedge Bootie $40

Would you buy them? Hot or not?


Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for family gatherings, secret santas, white elephant parties, and other holiday events where gifts are exchanged. Last minute Christmas shopping can be stressful, but don't panic I've got you covered with some ideas. So instead of picking up some gift cards try the items below. If you order soon you will have the items by Christmas.
Holiday Gifts
1. Leather Key Fob $24 // 2. Initial Bar Bracelet $22 // 3. Monagram Candle $16 // 4. Monogram Wine Stopper $34 // 5. Ice Geo Cuff $15 // 6. Three-Piece Fragrance Set $27 // 7. Croc Embossed Passport Holder & Luggage Tag Set $20 // 8. Seven-Piece Lip Gloss Collection With Clutch $19 // 9. Lush Holiday Set $19 // 10. Chatbook $6 (Use code 63H9YH3Xfor for 1st free book)

Don't forget to use our Daily Deals page to get additional money off! 

- Christen

What's The TREND? Flatflorms

Flats are a staple item for your wardrobe each and every season. But this fall/winter we've been formally introduced to "flatorms". Flats with a platform that give you a little height and add a little spunk to your wardrobe. Ive purchased a one pair of flatforms and I love them. They always give me a retro feel. I've seen various styles including espadrille, brogue and sneaker flatforms. Below are some frugal options!

What's The Trend: Flatforms

What do you think? Flatforms.....Hot or Hmm?

Meet Frugal Shopaholic Charlie


Where are you from? 
Chapel Hill, NC

Explain your blog or Instagram name. 
 I am a frugal shopper who loves to catch deals. I LOVE vintage clothing so I shop at many thrift stores as well shopping malls to get the look that I am looking for. I decided to go with the name FrugalFabFashion because I’m frugal, fabulous, and I love fashion!!!

Describe your personal style. 
I LOVE and LIVE for bright colors. I love to step outside of the box and explore the fashion world. I really love a vintage and classy look. Ladies always remember that you can be sexy but classy as well. That’s my motto.

Where are your favorite places to shop? 
My favorite places to shop would be ANY thrift store or shopping mall but my heart belongs to the Durham Rescue Mission Thrift store. It feels great to find a deal and to know that the purchases I make from the Durham Rescue Mission will help those who are in need. I love to give back and look great while doing it.

What does being a “Frugal Shopaholic” mean to you? 
Being a Frugal Shopaholic means that you are a beauty on budget and that you are dressing well and looking your best for less. My fashion blog shows you how to look great without spending all of your hard earned money!

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can be shared with our readers? 
Some tricks or tips that I use are COUPONS!! They are EVERYWHERE! The app RetailMeNot helps me out a lot. It’s an app that can be downloaded on your phone for FREE to show you where the discounts are in your area. Also, if you are a frequent thrift store shopper like me, you could sign up for their mailing list. While being on the mailing list you receive coupons. Yep that’s right, coupons for the thrift store. It can't get any better than that.

How can we keep in touch with you? 
You can keep in touch with me by following me on instagram at @frugalfabfashion