Black Friday & Cyber Monday Wishlist

It's that time again! My Black Friday & Cyber Monday list isn't long at all.  My favorite time of year to shop on an extreme discount!  Below are the items I plan on snagging this year.

1. Fujifilm X UO Custom Colored Mini 8 Instax Camera $100 at Urban Outfitters
Hopefully, they will have their 50% off clearance sale. This camera will be perfect for traveling in addition to my trusty iPhone.

2. iLive Bluetooth Soundbar- $35  at Walmart

3. Faux Leather Moto Jacket $35 at Forever 21
Provided this jacket comes back in stock in my size. I hope to get at least 30% off!

These are the only items on my list. What on yours? Let us know!


Best Deals for Black Friday

My favorite holiday (Black Friday) is only days away. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to participate in the madness this year. Typically, I use Black Friday to purchase electronics and household items that I've been wanting all year, and Cyber Monday to buy clothes, shoes, and other stuff. I've sifted through a number of online flyers and ads and honestly I' m not impressed. The same items are on sale year after year, TVs, iPads, blah blah blah. Nonetheless I found a few deals.
Black Friday Deals

Element  29in Flat Panel LED HD TV at Target // Panasonic 50in LED TV at BestBuy // HP Intel Celeron Touch Laptop at Walmart // RCA 7-in Google Play Wi-Fi Tablet at Radio Shack // Canon EOS Rebel T5 18-55 Kit at // Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Portable Speaker at Walmart
- Christen 

P.S. To avoid some lines some stores (i.e., Target and Walmart) usually put the in-store only sales online the morning of Thanksgiving 

Elevate Your Style With Daily Look Elite
Earlier this week, we got an email about DailyLook's Elite program. With the Elite program you recieve, a box of hand-picked fashion items, curated by YOUR personal stylist, sent right to your home! I'm an avid online shopper, I even buy groceries online. So convenience is a big thing for me. This program is perfect for people who are always on the go and don't have time to shop for them self. Everyone should be able to have a stylist not just the celebs!

Each box contains 6-8 exclusively hand-selected items that will generally range from $50-$150. Discover the latest fashion brands, risk free for $20 a month. The $20 monthly styling fee is waived for your first 3 months. After your free 3 month trial, your credit card will be charged a $20 per month styling fee, which applies toward your order. You can skip a month or pause your membership anytime. There is no obligation to buy and you can cancel anytime. 

I tried to sign up for the Elite program but its not available yet in France. :( Try it out and leave us know how you like it. 

- Christen

The Look for Less: Moschino

Look for Less: Moschino
Designers have been making bags inspired by milk cartons, perfume bottles and other items for the past few seasons. Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, designed some handbags inspired by leather jackets. They are super cute and different from a traditional purse, but the price however aren't in a frugal shoppers budget.  Well of course I found a dupe checkout this Moschino look for less below.

- Christen

Say it With A Clutch

Most recently the only purses I've had the urge to buy or carry are clutches because they are limit all the junk I can carry and they are just more convenient with work and life's ins and outs. But I had my eye on a clutch by Zara from a couple seasons ago that I never bought but hoped they'd restocked but unfortunately that didn't happen. 

It wasn't surprising to me that other companies would come out with their versions. As you know frugal shopaholics live for a "look for less". But I found a few that I like that are on the frugal end!

Untitled #55

 Have you seen any phrase statement clutches that are cool? Comment or email and tell us where!


What's The TREND? Backpacks

Backpacks aren't just for carrying books anymore, they are a fashion statement. Not the Jansport bag that you had in high school. Backpacks are the it bag of the season. All the designers are making them and your fave celebs are carrying them.

Are you down with the backpack trend?

Back to Black

I've seen headlines like orange is the new black, gray is the new black, white is the new black when referring to color trends. But for me no color will every replace black in my wardrobe. From November to February you can find me dressed in all black like the omen. Some people don't like wearing black because they think it is boring. However it is classic, looks good on every skin color, and it's slimming. Here are some black items under $50 
Back to Black
Outfit 1: Jumpsuit | Fedora | Quilted Handbag | Lace- up Bootie
Outfit 2: Lapel Coat | Bodysuit | Skinny Jeans | Patent Leather Pumps
Outfit 3: Sweater | Leather Shorts | Ankle Bootie | Handbag


Meet Frugal Shopaholic Maribel Mendoza

Maribel Mendoza aka The Fashion Cheapskate

Where are you from?
Southern California girl, born in The City of Orange, now a semi-desert dweller in Canyon Crest California.

Explain your blog name?
I've been a shopaholic for as long as I can remember and I've always felt a sense of pride in being able to stretch my dollar on apparel and still be fashionable. Don't get me wrong, I like designer items and nice things, but I love showing off how many items I've purchased with the same budget that most people spend on one pair of shoes! And from that, I've been called many things including frugal, tight, penny pincher, stingy, well you get the point. I've never argued otherwise when it came to the name calling, in fact I've always openly admitted that I was all of those things mentioned, but for some reason the word "cheapskate" always rolled off of my tongue smoothly. So there it is, my name is Maribel and I'm a fashion cheapskate, a proud one.

Describe your personal style?
My style varies on my mood, but distressed jeans and heels are always my go to. I don't necessarily follow trends, I just happen to like a few pieces of what is considered to be "on trend" at the moment. I tend to buy individual pieces and when I bring them home I shop my closet and always find several ways to wear my new addition. Versus shopping for complete outfits where I tend to buy things that aren't versatile enough to wear with anything else in my closet.
Where are your favorite places to shop?
Definitely discount stores and you will probably never find me in a mall. My go to stores include; Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Susies Deals and Ross. Also, the world wide web is truly amazing, the virtual clearance racks are bountiful!

What does being a "Frugal Shopaholic" mean to you?
Being a frugal shopaholic means that you never pay full price for anything, or even a sale price unless its deeply discounted. One must set a budget and stick to it and within that budget, also have a budget for specific things, handbags, shoes, dresses etc,.( I like to challenge myself and see if I can buy more items than I did on my last haul) But by no means compromise your own sense of style, you can still buy what you like, be on trend and look like you've spent thousands on your wardrobe.

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can share with our readers?
Never pass up the opportunity to buy what retailers consider to be "out of season" or "end of season" items, so ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS start your shopping at the clearance racks! For tops, dresses and sweaters look through your size and two sizes up! It's amazing how much the fit in size varies from one brand to another. Also, don't forget the power of a cute belt or a great tailor to turn that one size too big piece into a fabulous piece.

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