Meet Frugal Shopaholic Maribel Mendoza

Maribel Mendoza aka The Fashion Cheapskate

Where are you from?
Southern California girl, born in The City of Orange, now a semi-desert dweller in Canyon Crest California.

Explain your blog name?
I've been a shopaholic for as long as I can remember and I've always felt a sense of pride in being able to stretch my dollar on apparel and still be fashionable. Don't get me wrong, I like designer items and nice things, but I love showing off how many items I've purchased with the same budget that most people spend on one pair of shoes! And from that, I've been called many things including frugal, tight, penny pincher, stingy, well you get the point. I've never argued otherwise when it came to the name calling, in fact I've always openly admitted that I was all of those things mentioned, but for some reason the word "cheapskate" always rolled off of my tongue smoothly. So there it is, my name is Maribel and I'm a fashion cheapskate, a proud one.

Describe your personal style?
My style varies on my mood, but distressed jeans and heels are always my go to. I don't necessarily follow trends, I just happen to like a few pieces of what is considered to be "on trend" at the moment. I tend to buy individual pieces and when I bring them home I shop my closet and always find several ways to wear my new addition. Versus shopping for complete outfits where I tend to buy things that aren't versatile enough to wear with anything else in my closet.
Where are your favorite places to shop?
Definitely discount stores and you will probably never find me in a mall. My go to stores include; Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, Susies Deals and Ross. Also, the world wide web is truly amazing, the virtual clearance racks are bountiful!

What does being a "Frugal Shopaholic" mean to you?
Being a frugal shopaholic means that you never pay full price for anything, or even a sale price unless its deeply discounted. One must set a budget and stick to it and within that budget, also have a budget for specific things, handbags, shoes, dresses etc,.( I like to challenge myself and see if I can buy more items than I did on my last haul) But by no means compromise your own sense of style, you can still buy what you like, be on trend and look like you've spent thousands on your wardrobe.

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can share with our readers?
Never pass up the opportunity to buy what retailers consider to be "out of season" or "end of season" items, so ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS start your shopping at the clearance racks! For tops, dresses and sweaters look through your size and two sizes up! It's amazing how much the fit in size varies from one brand to another. Also, don't forget the power of a cute belt or a great tailor to turn that one size too big piece into a fabulous piece.

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