Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

The month of January has been one of THE longest months known to man. But with less than 15 days until Valentine's Day, we want to make shopping for a V-day gift for your significant other a little easier by providing you a handful of gift ideas for the Stylish Frugal Shopaholic.
V Day Gift Guide For Him
1. Agenda $18 | 2. Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band $27 | 3. Puffer Scarf $24 | 4. Copenhagen Backpack $100 | 5. UO Boxer Brief $12

V Day Gift Guide For Her
1. Sephora Lip Stain $14 | 2. Viktor & Rolf Trio $75 | 3. Target Gift Card | 4. VaporMax Flynit $190 | 5. Apple Watch Band $22

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Frugal Finds: Bershka

I know we all love a frugal find and it just so happens that I recently came across new online store called Bershka! So today we are talking all things Bershka! I really liked the style of the site and the ease of shopping online. BUT! The prices specifically is what caught my eye. I haven't seen an item over $100. Right up our alley! This site reminds me of MissGuided but with TJ Maxx prices. It has been stated online that Bershka is the sister store to Zara. No wonder I love it so much!

Because the weather outside if frightful, check out the winter frugal finds below: 

If you've shopped with Berhska in the past, let us know about your experience in the comment section below! Click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back and coupons when you shop!

The Look for Less: Gucci Belt Bag

Fanny packs are in and designer fanny packs are the trend. The most popular of them all is the Gucci GG Marmont matelass√© belt bag. Literally, everybody and they mama has this bag. Even if you aren't into fashion like that you still have probably seen this bag. With a starting price of $980, this isn't in everyone's price range. But of course, we found a look for less. One day during my lunch break I stopped in the Forever 21 and found the perfect dupe. This look for less is so popular that it keeps selling out. Check it out and let us know what you think. 

Winter 2018 Must Haves Under $75

We are smack dab in the middle of winter and temperatures throughout the US are hitting record lows. This may a be a little late but we had to come to y'all with the must-have items for winter.  Got to make sure our readers are keeping warm all while serving a look. Keep in mind you don't need these exact items. You can adjust them based on your personal style. 

1. Blanket Wrap Scarf - This is the winter accessory you most def need and the bigger the better.  It's the drama you need to add to a boring outfit. Get creative with it like Lenny Kravitz

2. Sweater Dress - The perfect cute and cozy thing you can wear this winter is a sweater dress. Pair it with your favorite boots. We recommend a sock or OTK boot. 

3. Skinny Jeans - Jeans are perfect for the winter and every other season honestly. But quality denim will keep you cute and warm during these low temperatures. 

4. Puffer Coatpuffer coat is an absolute must. They come in a bunch of different styles, shapes, and lengths. Also, they can be fairly inexpensive so you can experiment with trends in your puffer. 

5. Statement Coat - Your outerwear is the most important part of your wardrobe, in the winter so why not make a statement? A statement coat will add that oomph to any outfit. 

6. Ankle Boots - Ankle boots are a wardrobe staple and you probably already have some in your closet. But incorporate more trendy styles this season trends with patent, bold colors, and metallics

7. Over The Knee Boots - Outside of outerwear, your footwear is the next most important thing you need for winter. Over the knee (OTK) boots are another staple.  OTK can be dressed down with jeans or glammed up with a skirt or mini dress at for a night.

What's The TREND? Fur Tote

Happy New Year Frugal Shopaholics! It's very seldom that we do an accessory What's The Trend, today is your lucky day. I have been holding out on this trend for about a month or so but the faux fur tote is definitely a must-have accessory right now. Not only should you have a nice faux fur on your back this winter you need a fur tote on your arm.

Styling Tip: This trend looks great paired with a patent leather or leather pants but can ultimately be worn with any look to add a twist of edginess.

If you want this trend and you're not on a budget you can snag this designer fur tote from Farfetch for $1,200!

Below are some frugal options:




Have a fur tote in your wardrobe already? Let us know how you styled it!

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Meet Frugal Shopaholic Jenee Marie

Jenee Marie

Where are you from?
St Louis, Missouri 

Explain your blog or Instagram name?
J.MarieStyledit is the name for both! I wanted something familiar and identifiable but also something that describes exactly what your going to see on either my blog or Instagram. I think that combination does both! 

Describe your personal style?
My style is a mix of classic, cool, and comfy. I like to stick with timeless pieces and mix in trends here and there. I dress for my mood so it changes by day but I always choose comfort over everything, not in the typical sense ( wearing sweats everyday) but if an outfit is too fussy I can't wear it. I have to be comfortable in order to exude confidence. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Zara, Forever 21, Target,, H&M

What does being a “Frugal Shopaholic” mean to you?
It means knowing when to spend and when to save. There are times when a high end item really makes the difference with quality and functionality but sometimes you can get the exact look for a lot less without sacrificing either. I live for those moments and seeking out those deals! 

What is a frugal shopaholic tip or trick that can share with our readers?
I have two! Always buy luxury items pre-loved unless it's something you can't find and can't live without. You can save 50%-60% of normal retail price. The other is when I am shopping anywhere and I find an item I want I try and picture it styled 3 different ways, if I can't picture it I don't buy it( unless it's a special occasion). This keeps me from having unwearable items that sit in my closet. 

How can we keep in touch with you?

2018 Style Resolutions

Happy New Year! Can you believe it 2018 already? We hope and pray everyone has a blessed and prosperous 2018. We also hope you all have set some goals or resolutions for this new year, whether it be personal, professional, fitness, financial, etc.  In addition to personal resolutions, style resolutions are also important. You don't want to grow in one area in your life and look the same. Let your style reflect the growth in other areas of your life.

Every year we share our style/shopping resolutions. I plan on continuing my 2017 resolutions because I didn't really stick to all my resolutions. However, I did cut down on my unnecessary shopping, but I plan to do better in 2018 with my style resolutions. See ours below. 

Christen's Style Resolutions

No Impulse Shopping
Just because Boohoo or some other store is having a major sale doesn't mean I have to order something just to say I saved money. I just end up buying stuff that won't last to the next year.  ShoeDazzle had a big sale for Black Friday and I bought 6 pairs of shoes. Looking back I really only needed like 3 of those. So if I don't need it. I won't be buying it.

Stop Buying For Events and Trips
Before any special event or trip, I always go crazy with buying new stuff, especially for travel. If you saw our insta story from our 2017 recap there was a photo of all the tags we popped in Iceland. It was kind of ridiculous, lol. This is going to be a hard one.

Wear More Colors
I fail at this every year. In the summer I do pretty well, but winter I'm in all black like the omen. As soon as the weather drops below 60 degrees I look like a Black Panther. Black is my color favorite color and I like the way it looks on but I need to step out the box. 

Build A Well Rounded Wardrobe
Impulse shopping stems from not having a well-rounded wardrobe. I'm always shopping before trips cause I don't have anything to wear. They say stay ready so you don't have to get ready. I'm also investing in more quality items; I'm cutting back on cheap shoes and bags. I'll be stalking my local Saks Off Fifth, Nordstrom Rack, and TJ Maxx for discounted designer items. 

Derria's Style Resolutions

Utilize Current Wardrobe Before Shopping 

It’s no secret that I shop year round. I think it’s still a good thing, but I have tons of clothes that still have tags on them. So this year I would like to wear them and in multiple ways. I plan on going through my closet and putting together multiple looks with my current wardrobe so when it’s time to go to an event I don’t have to spend any money.


Every few weeks I plan on going through my closet and picking out clothes that I haven’t worn in the last 3-6 months and selling it online or taking it to the closest Buffalo Exchange to make money. Maybe using the money to pay off credit card debt etc.

We want to hear from you. What are your 2018 style/shopping resolutions? Leave a comment and let me know!