Frugal Spotlight: Buffalo Exchange

buffalo exchange

While in college my friends and I would always try to find ways to make extra cash. With the help of stores like Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate and Buffalo Exchange there are may ways to make money off clothing, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear or need in your wardrobe.

Buffalo Exchange is a store where clothing and accessories that are lightly worn can either be traded for store credit or cold hard cash! Unlike Plato's and Uptown, Buffalo Exchange accepts Vintage and one-of-a-kind items. Which helps out when you have other items that are popular and might not sell as well in the store.

In my opinion Buffalo Exchange pays way more than the other two for clothing items so they are usually the first store I go to when I'm cleaning out my wardrobe or just have a few things I'm looking to sell. Whatever items they don't take I usually go to Plato's and Uptown to sell the rest.

Not only do I sell my clothes there it's always good to look around because someone else's trash could be your treasure! I've found plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces that I know no one else will have! Always a great feeling!

Frugs, Spring is coming up so if you have some items for the upcoming season that your aren't going to wear make a bag to take out to Buffalo Exchange and see your pockets get fatter for new items!

Find a Buffalo Exchange near you!  Click Here!


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