What's the TREND? Marvel Comic Collection

Marvel Comics aren't just in the Sunday's paper anymore, they are all over cotton and spandex clothing waiting for a daring soul to make that purchase.

I've seen this trend all over the Forever 21 store and site. Very affordable and available in many different clothing styles: crop tops, cut-off shirt, bodysuits, bodycon dresses, skirts and leggings, For men basic t-shirts. Below are some of my favorites from this collection.

What do you think about this trend? Have you already made your Marvel purchase?



  1. i want that mini skirt, lol. i found a tie front marvel comics top from walmart last year. i love the trend, as long as it isn't cheesy looking.

    Niki @ Cheapalicious

    1. I've been looking for this Spider Man sweatshirt that they had years ago but still no luck on ebay or Poshmark.