Frugal Shopaholic Tips & Tricks

1. Before you purchase any item(s) online or in-store, Always search for a promotion code or coupon. Never pay full price unless you absolutely have to.
- Most stores will honor coupons that are offered for online purchases, Utilize your SMART phone!

2.When shopping for shoes always take note of the Brand name and the "shoe" name so that you can google and see what other stores may have it for a better price.

3. Shop out of season! Out of season items are almost always on SALE!

4. Visit thrift stores in upper class neighborhoods, most people who donate clothing have only wore clothing items once, or just don't want it anymore because it is out of season. Most brands include Banana Republic, Gap, Polo, New York & Co., Target etc.

5.When shopping at Target, if the price ends in "8" (i.e.$24.98) it will be marked down again. If price ends in "4" (i.e. $24.94) that is the final price.

6. Keep an open mind! You may not shop at certain stores but check them out, those are the gold mines.

7. Visit Frugal Shopaholics! If you aren't a frugal shopper, you'll be well on your way!

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