Nicki Minaj for Kmart Review

Nicki Minaj launched her clothing line at Kmart last month. For the past few weeks I've been saying to myself that I would go and check it out and I finally did over the weekend. The new collection by Minaj has items that range from $3.99 to $37.99. The store I went to didn't have all of the items, but here are the few that I did try on. 

The jeans actually fit me really well. It usually is pretty hard for to find jeans that fit both in the waist and are actually skinny in the ankle.  If they weren't high waisted I would have bought them.

The dress was real simple, nothing special. It's similar to this dress I purchased from American Apparel a couple years ago. If I ever need club dress last minute I could purchase this.

Hideous! I didn't like anything about it.  

This was my favorite. I didn't like the fact that the top was polyester and the bottom was cotton, but I'll probably go back and get this one and put it in my stash for summer.

Have you checked out the Nicki Minaj Collection? What are your thoughts? 

- Christen

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