Packing Everything You Need In A Carry- On

When traveling I always over-pack and I end up paying baggage fees (approx. $50 RT). The main reason I over-pack is because I wait until the very last minute to pack and just throw any and everything in my suitcase. Since I'll be moving to Paris in the fall, I need to learn to start packing more efficiently and I don't have money to waste on baggage fees.

I'm going to Miami this week for a work trip for 5 days and I'm going to pack everything in my $20 carry- on  suitcase that I got from Target last year on Black Friday and these cool packing cube bags from Amazon. I really love these packing cubes because you can fit alot of stuff in them and only use half the space.

Here's what I'm packing:
  • Travel toiletries bag  
  • Travel makeup bag
  • 2 pair of shoes
  • 1 large packing cube ( 5 work outfits, 4 after work outfits, and sleeping clothes)
  • 1 small packing cube ( bras, undies, and under shirts)

- Christen

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