Do It Yourself: Fur Slides

It is no doubt that slide sandals are in trend this spring and summer. I've even come across some fur slide sandals and it hit me, I can make my own for dirt cheap! So that's exactly what I did. 

For this DIY Project all you need is:
1. Glue gun w/ glue sticks - $5
2. 5ft Boa- $7.00
3. Slide Sandals - $10
4. Scissors
DIY Fluffy Slide Sandals

First step is to plug in and heat up your glue gun, then cut off excess yarn/string from your boa. Second, once your glue gun is hot you will need to line the front of your slide sandal with hot glue. Once done quickly lay the first row of boa onto the glue. 

Make sure its firmly placed. Repeat this for both sandals and allow to dry. Lastly, you will want to trim the excess fur from the sides so that it doesn't drag when you wear them.

DIY Fur Slide Sandals
Tada! There you have it a pair of your very own furry slides!

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1 comment

  1. did u use the whole boa I'm buying one that's 18 inches and thinking about buying 2