What's The TREND? Readers

What's your favorite accessory to complete your daily look? Sunglasses are always a "go to" when its nice and sunny out but what about when your at work or inside and still want your look to pop? Readers are the way to go, they add an extra little pizzaz to your look. Clear lens glasses make your overall look more smart and chic and can be worn with just about anything and come in various styles and colors. Below are some really frugal and trendy options under $25. Make readers a staple in your wardrobe!
What's The Trend Readers
1. Fun Readers $24 || 2. HM Glasses $10 || 3. Retro Oversized Sunglasses $10 || 4. Vintage Round Sunglasses $10 || 5. Round Circle Sunglasses $10 || 6. Orante Clear Glasses $10

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