Buy Books Like a Frugal Shopaholic

I'm no stranger to Netflix and Chill but one of my favorite pastimes is Barnes and Noble and Chill for sure. I usually go to the magazine section and get all the newest magazines on men's and women's fashion and then any entrepreneur magazines. In addition to that, I usually browse the entrepreneur and financial books to see if there are any new books that I want to buy and add to my home library. 

I know that reading is time-consuming but if you are an entrepreneur or business owner it is pertinent to read books that will help you learn new things and also help you better your craft. One thing that I know has deterred me from buying or reading new books was the price. Because in all honesty books can get expensive especially if you are buying more than one. But I have gotten Frugal Book buying down to a science. So I take my Barnes and Noble and Chill time to find the books I want to take pictures of them and then I google where it can be purchased online for a cheaper price. Sometimes it takes a lot of digging but it saves me more than half the price. 

Also be open to buying your books from websites that may be in another country. The shipping may take a little longer but the savings are definitely worth it. And if you have a tablet and don't mind reading you book from that then eBooks are dirt cheap as well. Below are a few sites that I have purchased a few books from recently. 

Original Price: $28

Original Price: $60
Christian Book: $26

Image result  
 Original Price: $20 
TJMaxx: $10

 Original Price: $25

Some other sites that I frequent to buy books for cheap are eBay, Thrift Books, and CheggWhat are some new books you've purchased recently? Leave a comment! 

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