Fall 2017 Must Haves

Whew! It feels like it's been a while since we did a "must haves" post but I'm going to jump right in and say in normal fashion that I am not ready for fall at all. Especially now that I am living clear across the country in Los Angeles and the top reason for my move was so that I would not have to deal with seasons. According to LA locals, September/October can be some of the hottest months which I am totally looking forward to. Enough about the weather I'm experiencing and more about the items you need in your closet this fall! See below 6 things you need this fall!

1. Neutral Plaids- Whether it be a skirt, dress or pants you can pair your neutral plaids with just about any band tee or slogan tee to make it edgier.

2. Leather- This must-have is explanatory, I always have at least 3-4 leather pieces in my wardrobe at all times. Get yourself a leather skirt and a pair of leather pants and you'll be solid for fall.

3. Fun Fur- I have seen this "Fun Fur" in Zara over the summer. Basically, colorful faux fur on the sleeves of sweatshirts and tee shirts but also a fun fur jacket wouldn't hurt.

4. Slogan Tee- One of those trends that will follow us forever. To be honest the slogans get doper each year!

5. Shearling- Shearling was a huge trend last fall and winter and here we are yet again but let's take it to another level with brighter colors as a statement piece.

6. Fringe- MORE FRINGE! Get it in your closet!
Plaid Mini Wrap Skirt $19 |  Faux Leather Pants $35 | Skirt w/ Studs $50 | Off-The Shoulder Faux Leather Jacket $35 | Faux Fur Crop Shirt $22 | Yellow Shearling Jacket $150 | American Retro T-shirt $26

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