LA Fashion Week Recap

LA Fashion week wrapped up the this years Fashion Week festivities for me and Christen. Though I wasn't able to attend NYFW in the Fall because of my huge move to LA. I was still able to live through Christen's Insta-stories and posts. Being that we attended NYFW in February I already had certain expectations of the shows, etc.

In the case of LAFW things were slightly different because I was attending Style Fashion Week events, where multiple designers were presenting their collections during three evening time slots from Thursday to Sunday. Which worked out perfectly because I work full time during the week. My friend Morgan and I, attended Friday and Saturday and we were looking forward to seeing Draya's Mint Swim line and I couldn't wait to see one of the designers from Project Runway Sonjia Williams line.

The music for the majority of the shows was on point, definitely had us dancing in our seats. The music for Mint Swim was a smooth mash up of 2007 throwback club jams as the models strutted their way up and down the runway. The suits were very sexy and unique I can tell that she wanted to go the edgier route for this seasons collection with multiple prints and abstract cuts.

I watch Project Runway every once and a while, I usually catch it in the middle of a season then I go back and binge watch from the beginning. I don't think I watched the season that Sonjia was on but I definitely enjoyed her designs. I could see myself wearing more than half of her pieces for sure.

The Pacific Design Center was beautiful, and the show was held outside which is never a problem in LA with the great weather. The only downside to the Style Fashion week shows was that they didn't start on time like the schedule stated. If I was running late then that would be the perfect situation but we were super early and even paid for meters so there were three occasions where we had to run back to the car to put more money on our meters. TWO things I hate about LA... Parking and Traffic.

All in all, LAFW was a good experience. I am looking forward to NYFW this February because it will be my only dose of Winter in addition to going home to NC for the holidays. More photos from my experience below:

Mint Swim:

Something by Sonjia:

Will you be a NYFW in February? Let us know!

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