Frugal Finds: Miss A

Why pay more when you can pay less is our motto. Anytime I can find a new store or website to purchase frugal finds I got a try it. I came across this website about a year ago on Twitter from @heyaprill and put it on my list of stores to try but I forgot. So no I haven’t been keeping this place from you all, we’re not stingy with our frugal finds. Anyway, Miss A is a website that sells makeup, beauty tools skincare and accessories for just $1, yes you read that correctly. They have everything from face primer to makeup brushes and more. Now everybody isn’t a fan of budget-friendly makeup if it isn’t from Sephora they don’t want it. Me myself personally am not tied to high-end cosmetic brands I like whatever is good. All cheap products aren’t bad and all luxury products good. This is a perfect store to purchase from if you are a newbie in makeup and want to practice with something inexpensive items. I recently placed an order with a few of the things pictured below but it hasn’t arrived yet so stay tuned to our Instagram for a preview. For just $1 an item, what do you have to lose? Check out today and let us know what you think. Leave us a comment below if you’ve purchased something from them before. 

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