New Brands At Target: Universal Thread

NEW LINE ALERT! I frequent Target online and in-store every week just to see what's new and also to see what's new to the Clearance rack! I was aware that there would be new lines coming in to Target and I absolutely love A New Day. So I was excited to see Universal Thread Co. on the front page of

The Universal Thread line is focused on denim but will feature tops, dresses, accessories and shoes. It will also run in sizes 00-26W. Perfect right? You know the Frugal Shopaholics love Target and finding a deal, so it's no secret that if we talk about it then its definitely affordable. The brands price range will be from $5-$40. Always my price range for most things that I buy for my wardrobe. 

I haven't gone to the store to try on the line but from the descriptions in the titles I know this line had the curvy girl in mind. And for that, I'm excited because buying denim can be tough when you have hip and a but and a "smaller" waist at times. Check out some of my tops picks below:

Check out the whole line here!

Plan on snagging some pieces from the line? Let us know which ones in the comments! Click here to sign up for Ebates and get cash back and coupons when you shop!


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