Winter 2019 Must Haves

The first day of Winter was less than a month ago but for most on the East Coast your probably confused to whether its Winter or Fall. Unfortunately for me the West Coast is getting cool and rainy weather. I'm so ready for the Spring and Summer I could just scream. But in normal form and fashion we wanted to equip you with 2019's Winter Must-Haves.

1. Puffer Scarf - Not your average scarf but it's totally a statement piece for just about any weather print.

2. Teddy Coat - The Teddy Coat is guarantees warmth all winter long and is so soft cuddly and adds a cozy touch to all looks.

3. Combat Boots - Soldier girl tell em! You need at least one pair in your wardrobe. Focus on finding army green, black or beige. Maybe even a pop of color like a yellow or white.

4. Beret -Berets are my favorite accessory, I have all colors. Though mostly wool, they are perfect all year long.

5. Classic Wool Jacket -The Classic Wool jacket is a closet staple and at this point if you don't already have one you should snag a neutral colored one. If you do have one already focus on getting a pop of color.

6. Over-the-Knee - I only have two pair in my wardrobe. I definitely wish I had more. My suggestions would be snakeskin print, black or maybe grey so that you can wear with just about anything.

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