5 Amazon Deal Clubs You Need To Know About

If you have been following us for a while you know that we were ADDICTED to the Elite Deal Club (EDC). If you are new, EDC was an exclusive club that provides its members with highly discounted prices on Amazon products marked down between 50% off all the way to FREE. Most deals were around 90% off. I was ordering at least 1 item a day for over a year. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. After while the items offered weren't as good. Now the products and the discounts are trash. So the deal club is basically dead. 

To feed my deal cub addiction I went searching for some alternatives and found 5 that are worth signing up for. None of these are as good as the OG deal club but anything is better than full price. The upside to these deal clubs is that they have way more variety and you can get codes any time of the day. Whereas EDC only had a select amount of items each day an per time slot. 

Heres how it works. Find the product you want. Request the code, you will either get the code instantly or have to be approved. After you secure the promo code, you head over to Amazon to redeem the code and get your discounted products. It's that simple. 

Check out these 5 EDC alternatives. They are in order from my most favorite to least favorite. I'll add some examples of things I purchased. 

1. Vipon - One of my favorite sites to get codes from. Vipon has one of the biggest assortment of categories and codes. Anything you are looking for can be guaranteed to be found here. You can also download the app on your phone and get notified when new deals are posted.

Amazon: $ 19.49
Amazon: $7.99
Deal Club: $2.96

2. Jump Send  - Very similar to Vipon. They have a large selection of products as well. If you can't find it on Vipon then you will find it here. The only negative is that have to request deals and you may not always get approved. 

Amazon: $40.99
Deal Club: $15.99

Amazon: $16.99
Deal Club: $2.00

3. Snagshout - Snagshout only allows you to review one product at a time, meaning you have to order the product, test it, review it, and get it verified by the Snagshout team before you can review another product. But no matter what product you choose to review, you’ll always be approved.

Amazon: $29.99
Deal Club: $12.00

Amazon: $8.99
Deal Club: $4.50

4. ZonDeals - They offer a good variety of things. You can now claim 1 coupon a day. On the next level you will be able to claim 3 coupons a day. Just keep claiming coupons and you will automatically increase in level.

Amazon: $11.99
Deal Club: $2.40

5. AMZ.One Deals Club - My least favorite of the bunch. They have some gems here and there but good luck getting approved for the really good ones. 

Amazon: $16.99
Deal Club: $8.49

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