Frugal Shopaholic Tip: Buy Promo Codes On eBay

Have you ever been looking for a promo code while shopping and haven't been able to find one? Well, I now have a solution for you. I found this great shopping tip on Twitter. Simply go to, search for the retailer you need a promo code for, purchase it and code will be delivered to your email instantly. Now, this won't work for every retailer but I've seen good discounts for major retailers and they are worth it because they cost as low as $0.99. That's nothing compared to what you could be saving. 

Step 1: Find the promo code you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Buy the te listing on eBay. 

Step 3: Get the promo code and save some $$ when online shopping and sometimes in-store. 

I hope this tip helps you save some money on your next shopping trip. Share this tip with everyone you know, cause friends don't let friends(and family) pay full price.  Click here to sign up for Ebates or Dosh and get cashback and coupons when you shop!

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