Frugal Shopaholic Tips and Tricks

A shopper may not always have their bestie with them to offer opinions on how those jeans really look, but consumers can save money by using smart sites, apps and other trendy tech tools.

1.  Is that designer purse real? Use the free uFaker anti- counterfeiting app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
2.  Do you really need to buy it new? Maybe your buddy has one from last season. Use Yerdle to browse items that friends are sharing or giving away.
3.  For free help tracking the deliveries of your online purchases, use
4.  Save during shopping with the free browser add-on with CouponomaticTM, which automates the process of finding coupon codes by turning the promo code entry box that is usually empty into a drop down box of promo codes that are guaranteed to work. For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.
5.  To see if you can get that item for a lower price, scan the barcode with Red Laser’s free app for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.
6.  Maybe you like that lipstick, but don’t like animal testing. Use the free GoodGuide app for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads to see if the product aligns with your standards.
7.  Find that must-have-it-today item at a store near you with the free Shop Nearby iPhone app by TheFind.
8.  When you need to find a store in a huge mall, turn to the free FastMall iPhone app to access maps and layouts of thousands of shopping malls.
9.  Determine whether your Facebook friends support your buying decision using the free iPhone and iPad Best Decision app.
10. Use the free Buzzillions Reviews app to access 17 million reviews as you consider purchasing products.

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