Affordable Workwear For Young Professional Women

Tis the season for new jobs, internships, and apprenticeships. As a young person transitioning into full-blown adulthood can be tough, and dressing like one can be just as tough and expensive. One way to seem like you have it all together is looking the part. Your attire is a major key in the impression people will have about you at your old, new, or prospective job. So, here are a few stores where you can find some hip, trendy, and quality workwear. Oh and pretty affordable!

1. ASOS - If you want a trendy spin to a boring business professional suit, this is the spot for you.

2. J. Crew - Shop here for staple and timeless pieces. Their items are just a little on the expensive side, but they always have a sale! Don't forget about the outlet store J. Crew Factory.

3. Express - No matter the dress code. you can find some gems here.

4. Uniqlo - 2 words: inexpensive and quality. I have some items from 2010 that still look great and they were less than $20.

5. H&M - Everybody shops at H&M for casual wear, but you also can find some great pieces for work too. the online store has a great selection.

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