The Look for Less: Gucci

Gucci is one of my favorite designers and though my frugal budget doesn't allow me to splurge on a $600 pair of shoes its never too hard to find a look for less. Let me just start off by saying I have 3 pairs of the "look for less", one in silver, hot pink and rose gold. 

I would have the black pair but I had to have some self control. But one of my shopping tips is that if you find a clothing item or shoe that you like get more than one pair especially if it comes in different colors and I did just that. In our look for less posts we usually only provide one link to the store it is at but in this case I will provide more than one link because there are multiple styles and colors. Buy yourself a pair and save a bundle of money!

UrbanOG $27 Also Available (Here | Here)

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