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Last month Derria shared a few tips on how to travel like a frugal shopaholic. So now I'm going to follow-up on that and give you all some travel must-haves and essentials. Some of these items may not be the cheapest, but I'll share how to get the best deal. Remember frugal and cheap aren't the same thing. 

Luggage...well duh that's a given. If you travel often, you should invest in a good luggage set. I purchased the Lojel Wave set before I moved to Paris and it was a great investment. However, if a full set isn't doable at least get a quality carry-on. I usually only pack a carry-on unless I'll be traveling for an extended period of time. So having one that's sturdy and reliable is important. Recently, I purchased an under-seater carry-on for those budget airlines like WOW and Spirit, who only allow small carry-ons for free. Good places to purchase luggage are at T.J. Maxx, Marshals, eBags, Amazon or Overstock. 

Travel Bag/ Purse
Everyone needs a good travel bag or purse. Whether you are traveling in a car, bus, train, or plane your suitcase is away from you. A good carryall is a perfect way to keep all your essentials together. I have the OMG bag from Lo & Sons and its the best travel bag ever. If you travel a lot you need this bag! (Lo & Sons if you are reading this the Pearl bag would be great for my Cuba trip.)

Travel Wallet
Passport, ID, boarding pass, credit cards, and cash can be a lot to keep up with when traveling. Stay organized with a travel wallet. My brother got me one personalized from Leatherology, but there are many other cheaper options. 

Packing Organizers
I am super organized when it comes to packing for a trip. Packing cubes and storage bags help me do that, as well as save space. These are a must for staying organized while traveling. 


Leave the full-size bottles at home unless you are traveling with your 6 kids or something. I have the eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit and it takes up very little space. You can buy empty travel bottles and travel size toiletries from the Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target. Because I travel often, I keep my toiletry bag packed and ready to go. Pro-Tip: Pack coconut oil packets (from Trader Joe's) instead of lotion, it saves a bunch of space.

Travel Accessories
I don't go anywhere without my neck pillow, blanket and an extra pair of socks. Comfort is key when traveling. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable travel especially a long international flight. Make sure you pack your pillow and other accessories to ensure a comfortable trip.

Airplane Survival Kit
A survival kit is something I put together with all the things I may possibly need during my flight. You can purchase a premade kit from Nordstrom, but I like to make my own. My kit includes Clorox wipes, tissue, ibuprofen, sleeping pills, tissue, lotion, lip balm, facial spray, hair ties, nail file, gum and candy, toothbrush, deodorant, and mini liquor bottles. 
Facial Spray || Lotion || Gum || Wipes || Tooth Brush || Liquor

Hope this list helps you during your next trip. Use ebates if you are shopping at eBags and get up to 18% cash back and coupons when you shop! 

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