The Look for Less: Valentino Rockstud

So I've actually done a look for less on this Valentino shoe before, but that was way back when we first started the blog. Back then the shoe had just come out and was getting hot.  I stated that it wasn't worth the splurge but I've changed my tune. I think the Valentino Rockstud is a classic and that style of shoe should be in every women's wardrobe, it's a must-have. The Rockstuds will run you about a stack but if you have the range get your splurge on. If you don't no problem we got you! 

Kaitlyn Pan is a brand based in Asia that sells many designer dupes, one of them being a Rockstud look for less.  The price is way more affordable than the Valentinos and they also come in a wide array of colors. Honestly, this may be the best look for less/ designer dupe there is. Scroll down for deets and a side by side comparison. 

Check out this side by side comparison of the two shoes. They are almost identical! Go buy these shoes an tell them Frugal Shopaholics sent you. 

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