Frugal Spotlight: Target

I was introduced to Target when I was about 8 years old. It was my favorite store because they sold Spice Girl apparel. As I grew older Target was my go to spot to buy quality clothing at a middle class price. Yes, some items from Target can get pretty pricey but once it hits the sale rack its dirt cheap!

Target features many up and coming brands within their store every couple months or so. Very similar to that of JCP. These are probably my favorite brands especially after they have hit the sale rack.

When shopping at Target, if the price ends in "8" (i.e.$24.98) it will be marked down again. If price ends in "4" (i.e. $24.94) that is the final price.

Its important to check Target when you are looking for a "look for less". They do a great job at staying very trendy and up-to-date in the fashion aspect. Also target apparel is very durable and lasts forever.

Target is known for sucking in its consumer and presenting you with great deals and quality items, where you might leave wondering how you went in for a bottle of shampoo and ended up with two shirts, a pair of pants and sunglasses. But in the end its all worth it!

Check out your local target today!

Derria, A Frugal Shopaholic

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