Frugal Spotlight: Zara

My first time going into a Zara store or hearing about one was about 4 years ago in Miami, FL right off the South Beach strip. It was very unique looking not like a Forever 21 or American Apparel but it felt more like a boutique and the prices weren't as high as I expected. Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies.
Zara values its customers and you can truly tell that Zara places its customers at the heart of their unique business model. You can shop at Zara online and in-store, most of their sales a very good and we've actually featured Zara items in one of our "Look for Less" posts. The clothing, accessories and footwear are very trendy and have a high end look without costing you an arm and leg to purchase. Zara carries both Men and Women's clothing. Being a Frugal Shopaholic it is important to keep and open mind and check out different stores so that your wardrobe is refreshing and not "old news"! So check out or your local Zara store.

- Derria

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